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We love cars. We love the way they look, the way they handle, the way they corner, and the way they accelerate. We like sexy cars and sporty cars and practical cars. We like tiny city runabouts and roomy, reliable sedans. Vehicles that take our families on beach vacations and to the mountains for a ski-weekend.

We revel when a carmaker gets it right. When the seats are comfy, the sound system rocks, and the trunk is configured with netting so groceries aren’t a pile of scrambled eggs and tossed salad after a trip to the market.

I started VroomGirls after spending the past 17 years writing about cars, most of that time penning the weekly Road Test column in Newsweek.

I’ve learned a few things about people’s car-buying habits, and how a woman, especially, researches her next new vehicle. I know that you need to trust your source. From my years as Newsweek’s resident automotive expert, I understand how important that trust is between writer and reader, and my staff and I will work hard to gain and hold that trust.

We promise you a few things. We’ll leave out the jargon. You won’t have to run to the dictionary to understand what we’re saying about a car’s handling or suspension. And speaking of handling and suspension, we won’t pontificate paragraph after paragraph about the nuances of a car’s shock absorbers, or transmission, or anything else that would make a car engineer tingle. You – presumably – are not a car engineer, so we won’t bore you with the details.

And VroomGirls is a resource beyond car-buying information. We offer helpful driving tips (accessed via the Navigation Bar at the top), and a variety of delightful Road Trip travel stories, so you can continue to enjoy your car after you’ve bought it.

We feature an interesting mix of stories to make the automotive world more fun for you. Check out our columnist Janis Hirsch, a sitcom writer of such hits as Frasier and Will & Grace, whose columns about driving around in her Prius (yes, it’s the official car of Hollywood) are hilarious, and appear regularly on the Home Page.

Our article on crazy ingredients you’ll find lurking in your vehicle (“10 Weird Things in Your Car”) appears on our top Features section, along with other stories we hope you’ll find informative and charming.

Please explore the site. Click around, and engage with me in the Ask Tara section (found on the Navigation bar.) I am here to answer all of your car-related questions.

So again, Welcome. My talented team of writers, editors and I, look forward to sharing our love of cars with you. Please tell us how we’re doing. At the end of each review and feature story is a space for you to comment. Please do; we’ll listen.

It is our hope that VroomGirls will become the place you and your friends come to first when researching your next new vehicle, or when you want tips on how to become a better, safer driver, or when you’re in the mood to take a trip.

We’ll see you on the road. Please honk and say “hi.”

Tara Weingarten
Co-Founder & Editor-In-Chief
Photo by Graydon Feinstein

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