Toyota’s Thirst for Water Conservation

Fix that leaky faucet. Compost food waste instead of using the garbage disposal. Only run the dishwasher when it’s fully loaded. Turn off the tap while you’re brushing your teeth. Practicing water conservation saves you money, makes dolphins happy, and might help your city win a new Prius.

Ah, water. It quenches our thirst, cleans our clothes, fills our pools, and transforms miraculously into coffee in the morning. But as wonderful as water is, there’s one thing it is not–an unlimited resource. Toyota and renowned marine life artist Wyland are teaming up to promote water conservation, just in time for Earth Month in April.

All cities, from rainy Seattle to desert-bound Phoenix, face challenges with clean water conservation and management. We’ve got East Coast v. West Coast rap, and long-standing rivalries between cities in every sport imaginable, so why not use that competitive spirit to help out the environment? Toyota and the Wyland Foundation have come up with a great way to encourage water conservation, through some healthy competition amongst US cities. The National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation runs throughout April, and asks residents to sign an online pledge to conserve water and resources. Cities with the highest percentage of residents making the commitment are eligible for hundreds of cool prizes, including a Toyota Prius c. Officials who participate in the National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation can earn additional prizes for their residents if their cities win. Last year, residents who participated in the challenge pledged to reduce their water use by 4.7 billion gallons.

In addition to the contest, Toyota has teamed up with the Wyland Foundation to create the Wyland Clean Water Mobile Learning Experience, a 1,000-square foot interactive exhibit which demonstrates the ways water shapes human lives. This traveling exhibit will tour the US, visiting schools and community events. It features computerized special effects and interactive models to explore humanity’s complex relationship with water and marine life, and encourages responsible environmental stewardship.

california whaleThe Wyland Foundation was founded by the artist Wyland, who is well-known for his beautiful paintings depicting marine life. If you’ve seen California or Florida license plates with a painting of a whale tail–no, not a thong peeping out of your jeans, an actual whale’s tail–you have seen his work.

To learn more about the Wyland Clean Water Mobile Learning Experience and National Mayor’s Challenge, visit For tips on how to practice responsible water conservation every day and to learn about water-efficient products for the home, visit

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