VroomGirls Safe Driving Tips

You already know basic safe driving tips: Don’t drive drunk, check your mirrors often, etc. Here are five advanced safety tips that will help you become a better driver.

By Aaron Gold

Eliminate Distractions

Sometimes the best safe driving tips seem obvious, but that doesn’t make them any less important. Next time you are driving, take note of how many distractions there are in your car: Chattering kids, blaring music, the buttons on your car’s interior. Even a simple act like opening the sunroof can take our attention away from the road for a second — and a second of distraction is all it takes to have an accident. Emotional distractions counts, too — if you are angry, sad, upset, or just plain tired, it’s best to deal with it before you get in the car.

Look Far Ahead

It is human nature to focus on things close to us, but when you are driving, you should always keep your eyes trained far down the road. You want to look for potential situations before they develop into problems, so that you have plenty of time to take action such as changing lanes or slamming on those brakes. By watching for hazards well down the road, you can ensure that you are out of the way by the time you get to them.

Take It Slow, But Not Too Slow

Speed really does kill. The faster we drive, the farther our car travels before we react, the less distance we have to take evasive maneuvers, and the more space we need to swerve or stop. Driving at a reasonable speed gives us a large margin of safety. That said, driving too slowly can be just as dangerous as driving too fast — you become an obstacle that other cars have to avoid, possibly causing an accident from the frustrated driver behind you. If you’re not comfortable at highway speeds, take local roads.

Give Big Truck Plenty Of Space

This one is a little scary, but that makes it one of our most important safe driving tips. We all know that big trucks and buses cannot stop or swerve as quickly as cars, but what many people don’t realize is that running right over you and your car is a viable option for a truck driver if it will cause the least amount of carnage. Give big vehicles plenty of room to see you, never pull in front of one and then brake suddenly, and if you must change lanes in front of a truck, signal early so they can plan for your arrival. If a big rig is passing you, a flash of your headlights to let them know it’s safe to pull back into your lane will be greatly appreciated.

Always Have An Escape Plan

When you drive, you should be aware of the open space around you. Often, our first reaction in an emergency is to slam on the brakes — but there may be better and safer options, like swerving out of the way. Try to keep space open to the side. If that’s not possible, leave extra room in front. Drive as if the car ahead is about to be involved in a horrendous wreck — know what’s around you and where you can go in case of trouble.

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