VroomGirls Holiday Gift Guide 2012

The ultimate Splurge

A holiday dilemma: your heart says racy Italian supercar, but you need an all-wheel drive wagon for hitting the ski lifts with luxurious surroundings and your luggage. The answer to all your problems? A Ferrari FF. FF as is in Freaking Fantastic, Family Funmobile, or Ferociously Fast. (Hey, if you spend this much on a car, you should get to decide what the FF stands for.) The FF is made to meld the performance of a race car with the spaciousness, comfortable seating, and all-wheel-drive of a luxury wagon. And, it’s available in no fewer than three shades of red, so it’s pre-wrapped for Christmas. Who said a Ferrari isn’t practical? To borrow a quote from Ferris Bueller regarding a certain 1961 Ferrari 250 California, “If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”
Ferrari.com, $295,000 MSRP base

Mini gear

Most car makers have at least a few accessories available emblazoned with their logo, but the makers of Minis have taken this entry in our holiday gift guide to a whole new level. Lucky for them, their signature imagery–black and white checks, bulldogs, and the Union Jack–look cool on just about anything. For the fashonista, dog lover, or for anyone on your list who loves that cheeky Brit style, Mini’s gear collection of over 100 items is worth a look–even if they don’t drive a Mini. Here’s a checkered flag tote, an adorable stuffed bulldog, and a car trash receptacle that reads–what else?–Rubbish.
Mini Motoring Gear, $20-$60

Heirloom Hoodies

For his early morning drive or workout, a guy likes to be warm and comfy. Hence, the hoodie. The trouble with most sweats is that even the higher-priced ones from the fashionable stores aren’t made to last, age well, or flatter. Most are a polyester cotton blend, which breaks down over time and loses its shape, adding to that couch-potato look. Enter American Giant, a new company that has re-engineered sweats, using an industrial designer from Apple. Their high-quality 100% cotton endures repeated washings and emerges looking only better. Plus, they’re fitted, so even when he’s going totally casual, a guy can look sharp–not slouchy–for years to come. And all American Giant’s products are made in the USA.
American Giant sweats, $59-$89

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