VroomGirls Holiday Gift Guide 2012

by Kimberly Phipps

We’ve made our list, and checked it twice. Here are our a few of our favorite Vroomie gifts, from the practical to the truly extravagant. We promise it’s the best holiday gift guide you’ll see this year!

Racing for VroomGirls 101

There are getaway trips, and then there are getaway trips with Porsches. For the woman who wants to get away from it all–and FAST–there is the Porsche Sport Driving School in Leeds, Alabama. They offer a Women-Only Two-Day High Performance Driving Course for the woman whose escape fantasies involve high-speed chases. No boys allowed, so get ready for some VroomGirl bonding.
To ratchet up the luxury another notch, the nearby Ross Bridge Resort offers deluxe accomodations, spa services, and golf lessons.
Women-Only Porsche Driving School, September 4-5, $3,200.00

Smokin’ Hot Driving Gloves

A few years ago, driving gloves for a man may have seemed like something from a bygone era. But all that changed when the movie Drive went from sleeper movie to bona-fide hit. Glove designer Dorothy Gaspar had more interest sparked in the gloves sported by darkly cool Ryan Gosling than in any of the other 70 films she’s designed gloves for, including Titanic and X-Men. These gloves are exact replicas of the ones worn in the film, and are a great gift for the man who wants to look Gosling-cool behind the wheel. Pair them with a blu-ray of the movie for even more fun. This way, your guy can practice his cool bad-ass look behind the wheel, and you can watch Ryan…and his abs. And while you’re on the site, why not pick up a sweet pair of driving gloves for yourself–our favorite is the white with VroomGirls-orange accents.
Gaspargloves.com, $145.00

objects d’art

For a truly special and unique gift for the artisticly-inclined car lover, renowned sculptor Tony Sikorski has released 10 new one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Each sculpture was skillfully created by blending wood, glass, Plexiglas and stainless steel to create these beautiful pieces, all inspired by classic cars. If you’re not ready to spring for an actual 1930s era Duesenberg or a 1950s Cadillac, these elegant sculptures may be just the thing. For more information on acquiring pieces, contact the artist directly at Tony.Sikorski@comcast.net.

Glass Travel Mug with infuser

Most travel mugs are clunky plastic affairs. This one is clear genius, with a sleek design that will look great in the car and in the kitchen. It comes with a removable metal mesh strainer, which allows the drinker to steep good quality, whole-leaf teas for a brew worthy of a conniseur. The double glass wall keeps all manner of drinks hot or cold, while keeping those pesky plastic molecules out of your morning go-go juice. Add a nice box of loose tea or some gourmet coffee beans, and you have a great gift.
Glass travel mug, $29.50

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