VroomGirls 2011 Car of the Year Awards


Audi A7

Audi has emerged as the automotive design leader, with each one of its vehicles a head-turner. Ask anyone who owns an Audi, and the first thing they’ll tell you is how crazy beautiful it is. If only other competitors could be so pretty. And leading the pack of this beauty pageant is the A7, a stunning coupe-look sedan (it has the convenience of four doors but the sleek, sloping look of a coupe.) But don’t let its perfectly sexy lines dissuade you from believing the A7 isn’t every bit the performance king. This German luxury touring ride has plenty of power and excellent road handling backing up those rock star looks. By any measure, the A7 is a dream car and we love it for combining meaningful automotive engineering, a comfortable ride for four adults, and timeless and exquisite design.
From $59,250



Hyundai has done it again. Built a car to make believers out of us all. The Veloster is any Gen X, Gen Y and Millennial’s idea of good fun. Cute yet still masculine, sporty, built of high-quality materials, and with an off-kilter design (it has three doors instead of four) to grab our attention. VroomGirls is watching. Look at the Veloster from the driver’s side and it’s a two-door coupe. Now spy it from the passenger side and it’s a sedan, with a secret door for backseat riders to slide in easily. Just try to find the door handle. It’s cleverly disguised. We thrill to the Veloster’s low price, its great attention to detail in both design and super high-tech offerings (like superior web connectivity, and even audio visual plugs for making and showing movies with friends.) Just one thing we didn’t adore about the Veloster: its somewhat slow acceleration. But we’re told a more powerful version of this delightful three-door is on its way.
From $18,060



Fantastically roomy, agile on the road, zippy and low priced. Honestly, what more could any driver want? VroomGirls truly enjoyed testing the Rio, especially its most sporty model, the SX. It’s small enough to park in any tight spot, fun to drive on curvy roads, incredibly spacious for passengers and cargo, and looks adorable. We love hatchbacks for their utility and ease with which to transport everything from skis on that trip to the mountains, and just as easily, on warehouse store runs. Plus, the Rio is a gas sipper, with 30 mpg city / 40 mpg hwy.
From $18,545



The MX-5 (also known as the Miata) is joy on wheels, pure and simple. Miata’s name comes from an obsolete German word for “reward.” We say there’s nothing obsolete about the satisfaction we got from tooling around town in this sweet little two-seat roadster. Some might say we’re old-fashioned for praising a car that’s been on our roads for 22 years. What’s new with that? Thankfully, very little. The original MX-5 was perfect out of the box when it was introduced to Americans, and it remains a fantastic example of what a roadster should be. It’s zippy, easy to operate, simple in its elegant design and execution, and offers amazing handling on twisty scenic roads, thanks to its delightful rear-wheel drive. Plus, it comes in a hard-topped convertible, so road noise is kept to a minimum. We just love it. And we think you will, too.
From $27,250



There’s botox to take away frown lines, fillers to plump our imperfections and liposuction to remove the middle-age spread. But if you want to FEEL young, which probably leads to LOOKING young, we say this: drive an EOS. During our week in this cute little hard-topped convertible, we channeled our inner 16-year-olds. Not kidding. We felt like teenagers. It’s roomy on the inside, and smallish on the outside, meaning it’s easy to park just about anywhere. And the exuberant design is cheerful, upbeat, can-do. Plus, the EOS handles great, with ample acceleration and stopping power. Forget those who say a fun convertible can’t be a mom car. Go ahead, look at all the room in back to strap in a car seat. And if you have older kids, they’ll love the open air fun, and will beg to drive it once they turn 16 (of course, how can that be if you’re 16?). Drive one and see. We defy you to have a bad time in the EOS.
From $33,995



We at VroomGirls can hear your thoughts. Is this really a car for women, you’re wondering? We say, heck yeah. We always wonder why men should have all the fun when it comes to fast cars and sharp looks. The Aventador, Lamborghini’s newest flagship sports car, is the ultimate track-ready supercar, yet it’s perfectly street legal. With a V12, 690 horsepower engine, the Aventador blasts from a standstill to 62 mph in under three seconds. Want to make the boys on your block weep? Park this in your driveway. But not for long … we suggest you experience for yourself crazy G Force acceleration. You like roller coasters? You’ll LOVE this Lamborghini. Just one thing, make sure you take performance-driving lessons first. Aventador is named for a famous Spanish bull, and a force like this should be shown respect.
From $387,000



Few of us will be able to swing the $275,000 necessary to park this handsome Italian superstar in our garages. But that’s why it’s a dream car. Push the bright red start button, located on the steering wheel!, and hear this incredibly sexy baritone engine come alive. Vroooooom!! Perhaps we were channeling this melody when we named our website?! With a 562-horsepower engine, this Ferrari can make you feel as if you’ve been shot out of a cannon. So fast off the line, the 458 Spider will restyle your hair, giving you more of a bed-head look, but with that satisfied expression we all crave. There is absolutely everything right with this car – looks, performance, handling, style and that extra je ne sais quoi. Sweet dreams. Or better yet, Buona Sera!
From $275,000

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5 Responses to “VroomGirls 2011 Car of the Year Awards”

  1. Kjell Kallman says:

    Kudos ladies. You picked many of the vehicles that would never hit my radar but for maybe the Ferrari. That means you’re on to something because I’m a guy.

    I don’t pretend to understand what drives (pun intended) my better half to consider one car or van over another. But what I do understand is that you’ve uncovered something unique that has value to people. I hope more car companies such as @Ford and @scottmonty support you.

    If you haven’t done so already, be sure to make your site mobile compatible in 2012 – I just read that more then 75% of moms use their smartphones to check in on Twitter and Facebook. That’s a big opportunity for you to work with your partners to build location-based offers for the products your users are researching right when they need it most… on the showroom floor.

    I wish you continued success in 2012.


  2. JohnnyMayday says:

    Solid list. But I thought the Evoque was a truck… 😉

  3. Sharon Kerr says:

    My comment is regarding the gorgeous new super-sexy VW EOS. My VW EOS is soooo beautiful. I loved driving it. But often my @ss got wet, then my passenger’s @ss got wet too. When I mentioned it to the VW Service Dept, they checked it, twice and said that there was no water ingress. Then the third time I mentioned it, they confirmed that there was water coming in, but that the car was 6 days out of warranty!! Great I said, how much to repair it. Only $6, 500 dollars!! For a 4 year old car with 25,000 miles on it. Nice. How irritating is that, and so begins my Social Media campaign against VW. This is obviously a manufacturing fault.

If this is “German engineering” I’ll take Japanese engineering any day of the week.

  4. Sara Lacey says:

    I really enjoyed the Evoque, but wouldn’t consider it a family hauler. Kids in car seats are a super tight fit, it really would be best for a family with 1 or 2 kids (and even then it’d be best when they’re out of car seats).

  5. Carol Crazy4Cars says:

    I have driven the Aventador on a race track – and it is everything they claim and more. It would be best exotic and dream car on MY list.

    I own a Lamborghini LP560-4. It is also a fantastic exotic and a joy to drive.

    I regularly drive at race tracks and am a high performance driving instructor at my local race track.

    It’s nice to see an automotive site that caters to women. I don’t meet too many female enthusiasts and would love to encourage more women to be involved in the sport.

    Good job!

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