Toyota Lends A Hand to Sandy’s Victims

by Kimberly Phipps

In the recent days since Hurricane Sandy devastated the Northeast, we’ve all been amazed at the photos and video of not just the powerful storm itself, but of the wreckage it has left in its wake. As any survivor of a storm can tell you, the initial impact is catastrophic, but the long, slow work of recovery is the hardest part. In an effort to aid the areas hardest hit by the storm, Toyota has quickly mobilized its contribution to the relief effort.

Red Cross officials say relief efforts after Sandy will be widespread and expensive. First,Toyota has announced a $1 million contribution to the American Red Cross to support efforts for relief and recovery in communities hardest-hit by the storm. This donation enables the distribution of everything from emergency food and water to shovels and work gloves for the clean-up effort. In addition to this financial contribution, Toyota will match employee contributions to the American Red Cross and other non-profits doing relief and recovery work in affected communities. Many Toyota employees are already involved in volunteer activities to help those in need.

Toyota is also helping its customers get rolling and keep going during this time of recovery. Qualified residents residing in FEMA-designated areas needing to purchase a vehicle may take advantage of a 90-day deferred first payment program designed to assist customers with their transportation needs as they work through the recovery process. Toyota Financial Services is also helping their current customers by launching an outreach program to help eligible customers with payment relief options, including extensions, redirecting billing statements, or arranging phone on on-line payments.

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