Tired of Tire Pressure Guesswork?

Nissan’s new tire inflation technology lets you know for sure your tire is properly filled with air.

Under-inflated tires can lead to deadly accidents

The Feds recently released a study that finds vehicles with under-inflated tires are three times more likely to cause an accident than those with fully-inflated tires. Yes, something so mundane – and so easy to repair – can be one of the biggest dangers on your car.

The three-year National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study found that tires inflated 25 percent below the recommended volume are three times more likely to be in an accident. As many as one in 20 crashes are caused by tire-related issues, with under-inflation being the biggest contributor.

Smart Technology


For most drivers, it’s a matter of relying on a tried-and-true tire pressure gauge to do the trick. But Nissan has new technology that takes the guesswork out of knowing how much air to put in tires. Its “Easy Fill Tire Alert” system, standard on the 2013 Altima (due out this summer), displays which tire is low on the gauge cluster next to the speedometer. Then, when the driver pulls into a nearby gas station to fill the tire, the system acknowledges that air is filling by lighting the car’s four-way flashers. The horn beeps when tire pressure reaches its optimum level.

If too much air is injected, the flashers will blink faster, and the horn will chirp three times. When to excess air is released, the horn will beep once again to alert the driver that the tire has been fully inflated to a proper pressure.

Safety and Fuel Savings – So Easy

Of course, you know by now that under-inflated tires are a big fuel drag. To get the best fuel efficiency, it’s imperative to keep your tires properly inflated. At the same time, it’s unsafe to travel at high speeds with under-inflated tires.

Please remember, as you set out this summer for the family road trip, get those tires checked often. Even the smallest under-inflation can lead to serious injury as well as poor fuel economy.

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