Tara Does ‘Today’

VroomGirls Editor-in-Chief Tara Weingarten appeared on NBC’s Today Show on Tues, Nov. 29. Tara discussed the best ways to do a car dealership test drive. The segment included a live conversation with Today Show co-host Savannah Guthrie and a taped feature with correspondent Kristen Dahlgren.
Watch it now …

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Here’s a sampling of the tips …
1. Get in and out of the car several times to see how easy it is to access the driver’s seat, and get comfortable in the driver’s seat.
2. Bring along the stuff you need to haul around — like sporting gear, child safety seats, golf clubs etc. — and see if it fits in the trunk or cargo space.
3. Touch all the interior surfaces to make sure they feel as good as they look.
4. Try parking the car in a tight spot to see if you have sufficient visibility.

You can read the complete list of tips here.

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