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3.0L, V6, 340 hp, twin-turbo

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By Tara Weingarten

Ten Things to Know About the 2014 Porsche Macan


You live in the city. You have kids, friends, stuff to haul but you don’t want an enormous truck. The 2014 Porsche Macan is a compact SUV that’s small enough to park in tight spots yet large enough to accommodate your life’s little treasures.

Maybe you’re a country gal, and you need a vehicle that can make steep grades and traverse gravel roads. No problem here. The Macan seems to eat dirt for energy.


The Macan comfortably seats five and still has plenty of room for gear in the cargo area. The rear seat bench is split into three parts – 40/20/40 percent – so your pals can still be seated in the back and one or two seats can fold flat for hauling long things like surf boards, ladders, or that crazy art installation you bought on a whim.


Comes in two flavors: a fast (Macan S) and faster (Macan Turbo) version. Both have full time all-wheel drive standard, which gives excellent traction in foul weather and automatically adapts to changing road conditions. The 2014 Porsche Macan S wears a 3.0L, V6, twin-turbo 340 horsepower engine and bullets from a standstill to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds. Super quick, like a sports car…yet this is an SUV! Add a Sports Plus package and that 0-60 mph time drops to just five seconds flat. Nutty! The 2014 Macan S retails for $$50,895 (including delivery/destination charge).

The larger, quicker 2014 Porsche Macan Turbo has a 3.6L, V6, twin-turbo 400 horsepower engine and touches that 60 mph mark in a swift 4.6 seconds. Add the Sports Plus package if you’re a speed freak and reach 60 mph in a that’s-just-silly 4.0 seconds. Indeed, the Macan Turbo is the fastest vehicle in its compact SUV segment. The Macan Turbo retails for $73,295.


Are you a speed freak? You might want to consider springing for the optional Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes. Sure they’re about $10 grand. But hey, you’re a big spender now…you’re about to own a Porsche, right? It’s the first time that any car brand has offered ceramic brakes on an SUV this size. Carbon ceramic brakes are great because they weigh half of what standard iron brakes weigh (all the better for improved fuel economy) and they rarely tire under the most demanding circumstances. Even under intense braking situations, where traditional iron brakes can fade because of overheating, these babies will stay on the job and continue to be responsive.


Another pricy option that might be worth it if you live in a rural area with unpaved roads or in areas with bad weather is the Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus). The system interacts with the steering to improve agility and precision under abnormal conditions. When the Macan is riding on, say, wet, muddy, or sandy terrain, the PTV Plus kicks in to prevent wheels spin and loss of control.


Sure safety is key. But comfort, we can all get behind that. The 2014 Porsche Macan rides smoothly and handles extremely well. It is, after all, made by German sports car fanatics. But opt for the Air Suspension and your passengers will thank you. Glide over muddy, rutted roads, plough through potholes and sail over rough terrain without spilling a drop of your morning macchiato. Air suspension smoothes out the ride, and it’s worth the extra coin.


The 2014 Porsche Macan has LED headlights and taillights. They not only look cool, they use 75 percent less energy and last a whole lot longer than halogen and xenon headlamps. They also emit a whiter and brighter light, making them more visible. And they’re cool.


A seven-speed DSG transmission is both fuel efficient and seamless in its gear shifts. Even under heavy footwork, say you’re mashing your foot onto the accelerator to merge into highway traffic and causing the Macan to quickly downshift, the entire process is fast and smooth.


In the cabin, life is dreamy. Contemporary styling is attractive and comfortable. The Porsche Car Connect accesses apps from your smartphone and displays them on the Macan’s media screen. Get real-time traffic and weather, find the nearest gas station (and even know the prices before you get there) or check your stock quotes.

The interior includes an 8-way power seat for the driver, two-zone climate control (with an optional third zone for backseat passengers), and a Bose sound system standard. The Bose equipment is fine. Well, it’s okay. But the optional Burmester sound system is exceptional and makes music coming from the Bose system sound like an elementary school marching band.


The optional panoramic moonroof costs extra, but go for it anyway. The 2014 Porsche Macan is such an outrageously great vehicle, it’s likely you’ll be driving to some interesting places, and you’ll want everyone in the car to see where you’re headed.

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Pricing and Trim Levels

2014 Porsche Macan

Macan S - $50,895

Macan Turbo - $73,295
2014 Porsche Macan main

Final Thoughts

Porsche took us to test drive on punishing terrain to show off its new baby SUV. Well, I'm here writing this review, so I made it back to the office, a little dusty, and with amazing photographs. Yes, the 2014 Porsche Macan is everything Porsche says it is. But then, we wouldn't expect otherwise from the people who bring us some of the best cars on Earth!

Super capable off-road and yet with comfortable, easy-to-drive city manners

Just the right size

Like its Porsche bretheren, the macan has too many pricey options we wish were standard

Interior Comfort

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