2012 Lamborghini

6.5L. V12, 690 hp

Italians invented gelato, Rome, Gucci purses, and passion. I love them for that. But I love them even more for having created the Lamborghini Aventador.

By Tara Weingarten


Assatanata. That’s what Lamborghini’s professional driver said, hopping out of his Aventador and pointing at me. “What?” I looked to another Lambo employee for help.” He thinks you drive like the devil,” she smiled. “It’s a good thing. He says you eat the road like you’re possessed.”

Awesome. But really, I can’t take credit. This latest Lamborghini, built by a company famed for its incredible track prowess, did all the work. I just happened to be sitting there when the Aventador went crazy fast and handled like, well, a racecar.

Now that Lamborghini is owned by Volkswagen – yes, the company that makes the cute little Beetle, also makes this 690 horsepower racetrack champion – there is money being spent on research and development.

The Lamborghini Aventador replaces the Murcielago, which for the past 10 years, has been Lambo’s top of the line model. It even wears the same switchblade-style doors that raise upwards instead of out. Honestly, couldn’t be cooler. This new creature is equipped with the latest in carbon fiber technology. The entire cockpit is made of molded carbon fiber, a ridiculously expensive and sophisticated process, which makes it ultra-lightweight yet incredibly rigid, for great handling.

That, combined with a Formula One-style suspension, turns this sweet little sports car into a beast of a machine. Hence the name, Aventador, a prize-winning and very famous Spanish bull who apparently fought back hard against the bullfighters.

The Lamborghini Aventador comes in many colors. We are partial to the Argos Orange paint, which looks remarkably similar to our VroomGirls’ logo.


Jaded auto journalists will tell you the Lamborghini Aventador is too easy to drive. That anyone can handle its outrageous power, so where’s the feeling of superiority in that? I say, exactly right. It is easy to drive. So what?

Where the Murcielago was a crazed maniac of a car, one that needed to be wrestled to the mat (not a bad thing but, still, it required some skill), the Aventador says, “come, please, sit down, are you comfortable?” See the difference? The Murcielago, fast as anything, was a rough ride. The Aventador is smooth, swift, and so easy to control. It takes the fear away. I don’t see that as a detriment. Why should driving an exotic be so difficult, anyway. It’s hard enough to own one, driving it should be a pleasure.

I was blessed with being able to drive the Aventador on a track outside of Rome. That Lamborghini driver took off, and my job was to follow his tires, to stay on the line that he drove. With each lap, he pushed the car faster. And I just kept up right there, following those tire tracks, staying just feet behind his tailpipe.

It was exhilarating and thrilling. But, of course, it was the car that was the star. Such power, such control in the steering, such incredible force of the brakes – all of it in the extreme, yet all elegantly smooth and reassuring. It might sound odd, but I felt completely safe and at home driving this thing fast on the racetrack.

The Lamborghini Aventador’s engine is placed in the middle, rather than front or back, for better balance. This way, the car isn’t front heavy or rear heavy but evenly balanced, which makes the car easier to handle while cornering. Lambo says the Aventador, wearing a massive 6.5-liter, V12, 690-horsepower engine, will zip 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds. I say, yes, sure, I bet it does. I didn’t have a stopwatch but I felt the skin on my fact tighten as we took off down the track.

The car’s all-wheel-drive system gives optimum traction, and is noticeable in its stickiness through turns.


One look at the Aventador’s sophisticated instrument panel, stitched leather dashboard and cool toggles, and it’s easy to make the connection to Volkswagen, or rather, Audi. Some of the trim pieces and graphics are derivative of Audi’s top-of-the-line models. And why not? Audi is expert at design, one of the best.

And so, the Lamborghini Aventador is not just fast, not just extraordinary at handling and traction, but it’s also spectacular looking. It’s angular and masculine, cut like the face of a chiseled matinee idol. There is not a thing feminine about the Aventador, except this woman who drove it. And there should be more of us.


I wonder if the Romans had a god of safety? If so, he (or she) should come standard and packed neatly in the Lamborghini Aventador’s trunk. Let’s be honest…if you’re driving the Aventador the way it wants to be driven, you’ll need to really know what you’re doing. Track school would be the best safety feature you could buy. And I recommend it for anyone who purchases a sports car of any kind. That said – sorry to preach – the Aventador is loaded with safety goodies: stability control to right the car should it begin to lose traction; front, side, and knee airbags for both driver and passenger, as well as daytime running lights.

Pricing and Trim Levels

The Lamborghini Aventador comes just one way: Fabulous. There are no versions of it other than the two-seat coupe model with the devil's engine and state-of-the-art performance technology. Price: $376,000 and seriously worth every cent.

Final Thoughts

Handsome like a rock star, fast like a shooting star. The Lamborghini Aventador ne of my dream cars.

Handling and speed like nothing else

Gorgeous, sexy interior

Can't think of a thing...


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