2013 Jaguar

15-16 CITY / 22-24 HWY
5.0L, V8, 385 HP

The 2013 Jaguar XK is one of the most beautiful, fastest sport-luxury coupes you’ll ever see. Cheers!

By Kristen Hall-Geisler


The Jaguar XK is a grown-up’s car. It is pencil skirts and fitted jackets. It is understated jewelry, not statement necklaces. It is the fastest way to drive up the corporate ladder and the prize when you reach the top. It is as smooth and seductive as a brilliant sales pitch, and not at all as stodgy as its British roots might lead you to believe.

The standard-issue Jaguar XK has a plenty of low-growling engine for slipping through traffic, but truly power-hungry ladies will appreciate the way the supercharged XKR makes freeway entrance ramps into a high-speed adventure.


At this price, you expect craftsmanship, and Jaguar delivers in the XK. The heated, cooled, and 16-way-adjustable leather seats have contrasting stitching like the seams of designer jeans. Pick accent veneers for the cabin to match your executive desk, or go with the sheen of always cool piano black. It’s nearly impossible to be uncomfortable in this car, especially if you’re the kind of girl who feels more at home in a serge suit than a sweat suit.


The Jaguar XK is a reward for an accomplished workday, not a mommymobile for ferrying kids to play dates. There are back seats in these two-door coupes, but even your beloved Maltese in its faux-croc carrying case is going to feel cramped backed there.


The Jaguar XK has all of Jaguar’s regular safety features, including front and side airbags, tire pressure monitoring, winter mode for slippery roads, a rollover detection system, and electronic brakeforce distribution to help you stop without losing traction. The seatbelt height can be adjusted, so the webbing doesn’t cut into your jawline or create strange cleavage in your silk camisole.


All the high-tech amenities here, like navigation and an iPod connection in the center console that lets you access your music, including the Mary J. Blige playlist that you use on the way to winning the million-dollar account, through the 7-inch touchscreen display. This same display allows you to control pretty much everything in the car. Little tactile wheels on the steering wheel allow control of the most often-used functions, like stereo volume.

Jaguar offers a Bowers & Wilkins stereo, which despite its stiff-upper-lip name is a bumping 525-watt sound system than can drown out even the sound of the supercharged engine, if you and Mary J. are having a moment on the way to work.


When you sink into the Jaguar XK’s leather seats and press the start button, a silvery metal knob rises from the center console as the engine fires up. This is the shift knob for the automatic transmission, and it is straight out of the future. Turn the knob a couple of clicks to D for Drive, and you’re on your way. If you prefer a bit more control, there are shift paddles mounted just behind the steering wheel. Click the right one to shift up; click the left one to shift down and pass that sucker who insists on going one mile an hour under the speed limit.

The Jaguar XK coupe, with the standard V8 engine and 385 horsepower, is plenty of car. It will take you to the dry cleaners with smoothness and grace and overtake trucks on the highway with a throaty growl when you’re visiting the satellite offices in the ’burbs. The XK makes driving a reward, not a chore.

Pricing and Trim Levels

The Jaguar XK and its more powerful sister, the XKR, come in coupe and convertible versions, depending on how fast you want to drive and how much wind you want blowing through your blowout.

The XK coupe starts at $79,895; the top of the line XKR convertible is just over six figures, at $104,395. The ultimate in performance is the XKR-S, which gives you 550 hp and starts at $132,895 for the coupe and six grand more for the convertible.

Final Thoughts

The Jaguar XK is an aspirational car -- it’s not for the young and foolish. It, and its exclusive XKR175 sibling, are loaded with power and class, and it’s likely its owners are as well.

A sexy, powerful car for sexy, powerful women.

The Jaguar XK is an adult car without being stodgy. It’s fast, loud, and luxurious.

Many of the car’s controls are in the touch screen, which requires that you take your eyes off the road to change stations or perform similar tasks.

family friendly
bragging rights

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