2015 Dodge

21 city / 31 hwy
3.6L, V6, 292 hp

The 2015 Dodge Charger proves the Germans don’t own the Sport Sedan segment. If you need four doors and still want a sporty ride, the 2015 Charger is tops. And it wears an American badge.

By Tara Weingarten

Ten Things to Know About the 2015 Dodge Charger


You know how you almost always have more fun when your friends are around? Well, there’s a way to have that much fun when you’re alone…and no, we’re not being cheeky. Drive the 2015 Dodge Charger and guaranteed, it’ll make you squeal with delight.


Tough looking. Reminiscent of the 1960s muscle cars, but with modern touches, like a more fuel-conscious 8-speed automatic transmission and a keyless entry with pushbutton start.


Surprisingly comfortable ride, considering the beast that lurks under the hood. We tested the 2015 Dodge Charger on a variety of road surfaces and highways, including a fast racetrack. Handling is marvelous, staying tight in corners, and the Charger’s shocks do a great job over uneven pavement.


The 2015 Dodge Charger comes in nine flavors – from fast to faaaaaaaaast. The base model, if you can call it that, has a 3.6L, V6 engine that produces 292 horses. Certainly a zippy thing that’s a delight to drive and can merge onto highway speed with a tap of the accelerator. But opt for the top-of-the-line 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat and you’ll want to do some calisthenics just to keep. The Hellcat wears a 6.2L, V8 engine that has a muscle-bound 707 horsepower and a top speed of 204 mph. Where you’d be able to drive that fast, we’re puzzled. The Dodge folks say it’s the quickest production sedan in the world. Yikes. We think it’s an amazing value – all that power for $63,290.


Here’s something charming: matching car seats for the SRT and Hellcat models. This Charger’s interior comes in two-tone, and the super-padded leather-trimmed car seats can be ordered to blend in with the Charger’s interior color scheme. Seriously cute. And safe, of course.


You’ll need tunes to accompany your raucous ride. That comes in several options: The BeatsAudio Group has 10 speakers and a trunk-mounted subwoofer (that must mean it can really be cranked up, we’re guessing) with 552-watts. It’s available on the 2015 Dodge Charger R/T Road & Track and R/T Scat Pack models. On the Dodge Charger SRT 392 model, there’s an available Harman Kardon premium sound system that has 19 Green Edge speakers and an uber-crazy 900-watt amplifier. Of course, if you have the volume up too high, you’ll drown out the macho music coming from the Charger’s throaty exhaust.


Things we love about the 2015 Dodge Charger: stand-out design. Like wearing your boyfriend’s shirt, the Charger’s masculine and muscular exterior – like its flared fenders and tough attitude – is a fun contrast to our gender’s feminine affinities.


Racy interior touches on some models include aluminum pedals, programmable drive modes for comfort, sport, and normal suspension settings – depending on road conditions and your mood, and high-performance Brembo brakes (which are tops when it comes to stopping prowess.)


Contemporary design touches abound. We like the Dodge Charger’s signature LED taillights, which form a race-track oval look below the car’s trunk. There are also standard halogen headlamps, LED turn signals and back-up lights and a standard cloth interior, which can be upgraded to include heated seats. The steering wheel has performance thumb bumps, so you’ll know exactly where to place your hands for optimum safety and stability. The SRT models get a flat-bottomed steering wheel for sportier flair.


Should you decide to splurge on the SRT Hellcat, you’ll be rewarded with all kinds of great. There are 20″ wheels outfitted with Pirelli P-Zero tires (versus the smaller 18″ wheels on the standard Dodge Charger), twin chromed exhaust pipes, Brembo brakes, and an exhaust sound that goes nuts when you fire up the engine.

But here’s the best part: the 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat gets two keys: one red and one black. The black key regulates the car’s engine to 500 horsepower. This makes for better fuel economy and not so crazy power. The red key unlocks all the glory of the Hellcat, revealing all of its 707 horsepower to the holder of the key. And should you want to hand your Hellcat off to your kid, or God forbid, a valet parking attendant, you can program this Charger to produce only 100 horsepower, so your child and the wishful-thinking valet won’t have access to the Hellcat’s ultimate charms.

Final Thoughts

For the gal who loves a good rodeo. The 2015 Dodge Charger is beefy power mated to the practicality of a four-door family sedan.

Yeah, I'm a woman, got a problem with that?

Four doors, for a, er, family car

Some hard plastics on the interior trim and a too-small standard audio screen

Bad @#%&*
Mom Car - LOL
Ride Quality

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  1. Linda Leiwton says:

    I think I’m that gal that love a good rodeo. 100% this car is for me. I would like to buy it now (if I had $$ xp)

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