Keep The Rubber Side Up


5. This waterproof and chic bracelet made from recycled bike inner tube can be easily snapped on to your wrist to instantly add an edgy look to your outfit. You’re also helping out the environment while you’re at it!

6. This beautifully crafted sneaker is made with organic cotton and suede. You are sure to stay comfortable walking with a sole made out of recycled car tires.

7. Jazz up your outfit by strapping on this recycled inner tube belt that can be easily customized with interchangeable buckles.

8. If you trust your typical fabric lined laptop sleeve then this recycled rubber one is sure to provide better protection The best part? It’s water resistant! Bet your current laptop sleeve gets pretty damp when it rains.

9. Keep your work area organized with this trio of indestructible mini recycled tire rubber baskets that will hold all your pens and office supplies. Each one is unique in tire pattern and will be sure to add a touch of flair in a boring office.

10. These recycled rubber bracelets are truly made with love by a Women’s Co-operative in Djenne, Mali, West Africa. Proceeds help raise funds for L’Empire des Enfants, a center for homeless children that provides shelter, food, and education. Sold in various colors these stackable bracelets will be the envy of all your fashionista friends.

11. Can you believe this durable doormat is made from recycled scraps of flip-flop rubber? Dress up your front porch with this colorful addition that will easily scrape off mud and dirt from shoes before they enter your home.

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