Keep The Rubber Side Up

It is inevitable that one day your wheels will become all tire-d out and refuse to tread any longer. When that day comes, they are shredded and dumped in landfills, which is providing the environment with one of our largest and most problematic waste issue.

The durability of rubber is hard to break down and ends up trapping methane gas that eventually rises to the surface and pollutes the landfills they’re disposed in. So instead of getting rid of them as waste product, there are many companies recycling these unwanted shreds to make tough and sturdy products.

We’ve picked just a few of the many innovative items that are being made to help in this movement of saving the environment. So do you part and check out these goods that are sure to last you for miles.

By Heather Dal

1. Step into these recycled racecar tire flip flops that will have you treading for miles.

2. You can fit many things in this stylish faux crocodile print bag and stay organized with various pockets for your cell phone and other small necessities. Did we mention it’s made from recycled inner tube rubber?

3. Made from recycled tire, this sturdy storage basket will easily haul bulkier items with its tough exterior.

4. Avoid the wear and tear of a typical leather wallet with this handmade El Salvadorian one that is made out of discarded truck and tire inner tubes. Each purchase will provide employment for their community, income, and job security. Keep your items secure while helping others in need of stability.

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