Pantone’s Gone Purple with Radiant Orchid

Have you ever been captivated by the color in the middle of those exotic Phalanopsis flowers? That brilliant shade that’s not quite pink, not quite purple, not quite fuchsia–that’s the color to watch for 2014, according to Pantone: brilliant Radiant Orchid.

By Kimberly Phipps

Here at VroomGirls, we love us some color. Rainbow-hued exhaust? Orange car? Yep, that’s us. Although we can appreciate the appeal of a lovely silver sports car, 30 shades of gray is not how we usually roll. So we can’t help but be pleased that Pantone’s choice for 2014’s color of the the year is Radiant Orchid — almost exactly the same color as our signature purple swoosh!

This Color of the Year is the one that Pantone found to be the most ubiquitous in fashion collections for this year, and indicative of our current cultural landscape. Look for this understated yet bright color to start blooming in store windows for fashion and accessories, and also in catalogs for home decor.

But what about the cars? Bright colors always pose a bit of a dilemma. What’s a girl to do? It’s one thing to perk up your living room with a few colored accent pillows, or try a new lip gloss. But to infuse your driving experience with more color can be challenging. Some years, you’re in luck—2012’s color was a wonderful shade of orange called Tangerine Tango, and automakers embraced the juicy hue. But then there was last year’s emerald green—looked great on Beyonce’s earrings, yet no new car available in the U.S. offers a vehicle in the verdant shade.

So when we heard that Radiant Orchid was going to be the 2014 color of the year, we didn’t exactly hold our breath waiting for a parade of purple cars. American car makers and dealerships are fairly conservative when it comes to color choices, and purple certainly isn’t a very common color for a car. But when we started looking, it turns out that there are a few plum-colored surprises out there! Some models for 2014 are available in various shades of purple/fushia/magenta, for those who are bold enough to drive one.

If you’re not quite committed enough to the color to buy, say, a new Bentley enrobed in purple, never fear. We’ve found some sweet driving accessories in Radiant Orchid that will keep you au courant. And they’ll go beautifully with any shade of car you choose.

Spot-on orchid

Mitsubishi MirageWhat a surprise! Typically, Mitsubishi does not embrace its feminine side—their cars practically have chest hair. But for 2014, the economical Mirage added a fun purple hue to its lineup. This lighter, pinkish shade is a pretty spot-on match for the Pantone orchid. So if you’ve ever dreamed of matching your car to you shoes, scarf, nail polish, and lipstick, this would be the year to do it.

A sports car Barney could love

Honda CR-ZAlthough this sporty 2013 Honda CR-Z is not available to purchase in this shade, you have to admit that purple makes for a pretty slick-looking sports car. This one was spotted at the Paris Auto Show.

grape candy with a stick shift

Chevy sonicChevy’s not just going to sit by and let Mitsubishi steal the purple thunder! The 2014 Chevrolet Spark is available in Deep Magenta Metallic, which looks a lot like purple to us. This car mades a bold statement—and is much easier to find in a huge parking lot filled with the usual monochromatic silvers, blacks, and whites.

Petal to the purple metal

What if you really want to drive a purple car, but you also really want to be a total bad-ass? No problemo—Dodge has got your back. The classic 2014 Challenger muscle car is available in this this violet-purple shade known as Plum Crazy.

Her highness prefers purple

Bentley Flying SpurOk, so purple is fine for sports car nuts, or people buying little eco cars, but what about the discriminating driver with lots of cash? Would a $200k Bentley Flying Spur meet your needs? This giant luxury mobile made its 2014 model year debut at the New York Auto show in—you guessed it—a no-holds-barred purple shade known as Damson Rose. It’s also available Magenta and Passion Pink metallic, so in fact you have three shades of purplish hues to choose from.

I’m purple on the inside

The 2014 Ford Fiesta may not be available with an orchid paint job, but it does give drivers another options for color personalization: ambient lighting. All the cool interior lights can be changed at whim to one of 7 different color options, one of which is this gorgeous violet. How fun is that?

These shoes were made for driving

Driving_MocsEver had a pair of shoes just for driving? These Land’s End driving mocs might seem like an old-school affectation, but they really can be helpful for driving. If you’ve ever tried driving in serious platforms, you know that all that clunkiness doesn’t help your foot’s dexterity when it comes to braking and acceleration. And although they may look sexy for a dinner date, stilettos can do some damage to your car’s interior. So why not keep these comfy, rubber-soled shoes on hand for your longer commutes?

Gorgeous gloves

Even if your seat heater is cranking, your fingers can still get cold on the steering wheel. Crafted from butter-soft leather, Miu Miu’s bold fuchsia gloves are an elegant way to work some color into your driving routine.

Hermes, S’il vous plait

Always wanted to imitate our carefree logo by wearing a long, flowing scarf while driving a convertible? This 100% silk twill hand-rolled beauty would be the Hermés scarf you need. Created in association with the Musée de l’Armée in Paris, and inspired by princely armour of the French School, this carré – entitled Sous l’Egide de Mars (‘Under the Aegis of Mars’) – is a tribute to the museum’s exhibition of the same name, and the fine art of protecting oneself from the blows of enemies while impressing them with finery at the same time.

Orchid lips, Orchid eyes

Radiant Orchid is a universally flattering shade. Whether you’re alabaster-skinned or perennially tan, you can find an eye or lip color that works for you. Shisedo.com

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