Prada’s Racing Into Spring With Hot (W)Heels!

Designer Miuccia Prada revs footwear into high gear. The Italian fashion house blends Americana kitsch with Hot Rod culture for its latest shoe collection.

By Meg Hemphill

Designer Miuccia Prada goes racy and dangerous in her automotive-inspired 2012 Spring collection. Bold colors and sharp angles of tailfins and flame paint interplay with the iconic and very feminine stiletto and wedge. For inspiration, Prada looked no further than 1950s American cars (like hot rods and the Chevy Bel Air.) The collection also includes vehicle prints on skirts, coats, and bags.

Just one question: who can drive in these?!

Check out the collection: here. Products will be available in the spring at select Prada boutiques; see for locations.


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One Response to “Prada’s Racing Into Spring With Hot (W)Heels!”

  1. Kjell Kallman says:

    Very cool or shall I say “hot”…. just don’t try to heel-and-toe downshift with a pair.

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