February 2012: PORSCHE 911 CARRERA

Do a Web search for the new, redone 911 and you’ll read a head-splitting amount of techno-babble about how the car’s wheelbase has been extended, how much torque is achieved at which RPM, even talk of a G-force meter. It’s all good, and certainly worthy of explanation – if you care.

Many of us who LOVE to drive, do so without understanding how we get where we’re going. We don’t know what those RPMs mean, and we don’t have the inclination to learn. Auto enthusiasts and most auto writers blister at the thought, but there you have it. Many great drivers, people who absolutely relish a sporty drive feel, and are competent behind the wheel, have no need for the inner workings of a car. There, I said it.

And having said it, I would like to introduce to you our very deserving Car Of The Month for February 2012 – The redesigned Porsche 911 Carrera.

It is replete with technology that would make Bill Gates giggle like a little girl. It is a car that is brimming with performance, ability, power and perfection. We could go into all the whys and what fors, but why bother? It’s out there on Porsche’s very helpful website, if you’re interested.

Here, at Vroomgirls, we’ll eschew the techno-speak and explain to you, in plain English, why we LOVE the new 911 and chose it for our Car of the Month.
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