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5 Colorful Gifts to Brighten Up Mother’s Day

Christmas isn’t the only holiday that should be merry and bright. Here are some gift ideas for Mother’s Day in the happiest of spring colors.

By Kimberly Phipps

Ah, Mother’s day. It’s that special day when Mom finally get showered with the love, gifts, and attention she so rightfully deserves. But every year, we’re faced with the same quandary: what to get for mom? Didn’t we just finish Christmas shopping? Of course, she probably gives you the same “Oh, don’t spend your money on a gift for me” line that she has since you were a kid, but by this point in life, we all know better! Sure, there was a time when a crayon-drawn bouquet on construction paper, along with your feeble culinary attempt at making breakfast, were all that she could possibly want. (Except for maybe wishing that you would clean the kitchen after the unfortunate pancake batter incident.)

But now you’re a grown-up, and maybe even a mom yourself. And you’ve come to realize that a great gift for your mom not only shows your sincere love and appreciation, but keeps your Favorite Child status in full effect. It’s also a good bribe to keep your mother from spilling the juicy details of your wild-and-crazy years into the amazed ears of your children.

Of course, she will be delighted with anything you get her—or so she says. But why not surprise her with something she really will love? Here are some great gift ideas from VroomGirls.

A Cute New Car!

Well of course we had to include this—we are VroomGirls, after all. Yes, it’s a big gift, but hey—your mom probably helped you get your first car, right? She spent years schlepping you, your friends, and all your stuff to your soccer games and dances, and she deserves a car that doesn’t smell like a happy meal. The Toyota Prius C is a great après-kids car! After a lifetime of parking the behemoth minivan/Suburban, she’ll love zipping around town and into the compact-only parking spaces. Getting over 50mpg will give her confidence that she did a great job teaching you the value of a dollar. And did we mention the colors? The Prius C comes in some wonderfully bright, happy colors—habanero orange, a bright yellow, citrusy green…because mom deserves a car in her favorite color. And she’ll never have trouble finding her car in the parking lot again. They start at under $20,000.00 Toyota Prius C

A pop of color for spring

Who doesn’t enjoy wearing a pretty new dress in the springtime? Something comfy and bright, that can be dressed up or down and that she’ll wear all summer? We love this cute dress from Lands End. Mom can dress it up with a cardigan and heels, or dress it down with sandals and a denim jacket. It comes in sizes to fit almost anyone, from a size 0 Petite to a size 26 Tall. Also, if your mom doesn’t live nearby, Lands End has a very liberal return policy—she can return by mail or take it to any Sears–which makes exchanges super easy. Add in a pretty scarf, order it gift-wrapped, and your work is done. Lands’ End, $59.99 – $79.00

A new baby to love

dog in carAs your mom has often told you, you’ll always be her baby, now matter how grown up you think you are. But since you can’t be around all the time, she might need a new little darling to adore. Why not surprise mom by rescuing a shelter dog for her? Dogs can of course be great companions, and also provide a great way to socialize and get some exercise. Of course, please be responsible and make sure that her living situation allows and can accommodate a pet. Be sure to take into account the dog’s size, activity level and grooming needs. And be sure to pick up a starter kit with a leash, dog food, dish, and some obedience classes if necessary. Puppies are adorable, but a lot of work. Adopting a dog who is at least a few years old is usually a better idea, saving mom the trouble of late night crying and potty training—she had enough of that with you! is a wonderful resource for finding dogs who need a home. They compile listings from hundreds of shelters and rescue organizations, which can help you find just the right dog. Be warned in advance—she might love the dog more than you, and will probably give him a lot more pampering than you ever got. But try not to get too jealous., $50-$200 adoption fee

Driving mocs

The Felize driving modWe can’t very well do a gift guide for moms without mentioning shoes of some kind. Whether she’s a speed demon, only drives once a week to church on Sunday, or leaves all the driving to your dad, she will love these gorgeous handmade leather driving mocs from M. Gemi. Have you ever tried a driving moccasin? They’re fantastic. The rubber from the bottom of the shoe continues up behind the heel, giving the foot ease of movement and traction while driving. It’s one of those things you never knew existed, but once you have them, you’ll wonder how you lived this long without them. Mom can even watch a little movie about how they’re made on the website. When you’re not driving, they’re comfortable and slip-proof, too. And these driving mocs are extra special. Each pair is handmade in Tuscany, in a tiny factory owned by women. In bright, happy colors like capri blue, raspberry, and sunflower, you might want to order an extra pair for yourself. Like mother, like daughter, right? The Felize, M.Gemi, $178

Give Your Mama Some Sugar

Fresh-Sugar-lip-balmThis is one of those little luxuries that your mom might not ever think to buy for herself, but once she has it will wonder what she ever did without it. Lip Sugar has a cult following for a reason. The tubes are a gorgeous metal that twists to close, so they won’t get crushed in her bag or pocket. They taste and smell amazing. The colors can suit all skin tones, going from subtle to bright depending on the amount applied. They have SPF 15, and will leave her lips as smooth as a baby’s butt. Get the untinted one for treatment, and the color you think will flatter her the most. Sephora, $22.50

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