Ford Predicts Micro Trends for 2014

3. Micro-moments

The ADD of wanting to do it all in less time. Media snacking is the word for packing in as much as we can in 24 hours. From two minutes in the grocery store checkout to five minutes between meetings, downtime is disappearing.

400 words or less, a site started by a 17-year-old, condenses stories into 400 words or less. It was bought by Yahoo! last spring for around 30 million.

“Life is so busy, I try to make use of every minute I’m awake.”
In the US: 64% over age 34 agree; 84% 34 and under agree.
In China: 88% over 34 agree: 84% 34 and under agree.

4. Old School

Blue 1966 Ford Mustang GT FastbackRomanticizing how things used to be, we find comfort and connection in brands, craftsmanship, products and experiences that evoke nostalgia. People are looking back to find meaning. 82% of Americans agree that vintage products have more character than new products.

In 2013, 86% of US consumers polled said that they preferred traditional (snail mail) holiday cards rather than cards online; in 2012 that number was 80%. Yes, we’re getting tired of digital everything.

The Ford Mustang hits 50 in 2014! Since the pony’s reveal in 1964, over 9 million Ford Mustangs have been sold. From the racetrack to movies, music and toys, this iconic car is part of pop culture. The nostalgic Ford Mustang has created such a passionate following that more than 600 Mustang enthusiast clubs exist worldwide.

5. Sustainability Blues

sustain waterJust 30% of the earth’s surface is land, the other 70% is water, with much of it undrinkable sea water. The world is starting to pay more attention to conserving water. For example, Levi launched its Water6. Fomo/Jomo

fomoThe fear of missing out and the joy of missing out (hence, fomo/jomo): We have an abundance of choice in when, where and how we connect with the world. Lately, car companies have been promoting their latest connectivity technologies. But truthfully, are we getting too addicted?

Phantom vibration: We are so accustomed to waiting for vibration (ring-xiety) that it has become a reality. Nearly 90 percent of college grads in a 2012 US study said they felt phantom vibrations.
Cell phone stacking (yes, piling your mobiles on the table) is becoming a way to help people ensure an environment free of distraction when they socialize at bars and restaurants. The gig? The first person who picks up his or her phone picks up the tab for the table!

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