Neiman Marcus edition Ghibli

Ultimate Xmas Gift: Special Edition Maserati Ghibli

Don’t look now, but the holidays are bearing down on us. Although it still feels like summer in some parts of the country, as far as retailers are concerned, Christmas shopping time is here. The parade of exclusive gift goodies that is generally acknowledged as the harbinger of holiday shopping is the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. It’s not where you go to do your practical socks-and-underwear shopping – unless your idea of practical is a jewel-encrusted bra. In addition to the regular finery, the catalog boasts a Fantasy Gift section, for those who need something above and beyond special. The VroomGirl’s favorite? Skip the jewels and the Academy Awards experience–we’re going for the Special Edition Maserati Ghibli. For Maserati’s 100th anniversary, only 100 of these custom-made beauties will be produced, and every Special Edition Ghibli of them must be ordered from Neiman Marcus.

Reserve your very own Maserati Ghibli by calling 1-855-835-5665, beginning promptly at noon EDT on October 22, 2014. It costs $95,000, so let’s hope you’re on Santa’s very, very good list. And only one Ghibli per customer, please. After all, Santa’s got to spread the cheer around.

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