November 2011: LEXUS HS 250h

November is a cozy month. We bring out the scarves, gloves, a few sweaters. We like to nest.

At VroomGirls, we thought you’d appreciate a comfy car that wraps you in luxury. And so we chose Lexus HS 250h as our Car of the Month for November. If you take it for a test drive, don’t forget to flick on the seat warmers. They’re delightful.

Click here to read our review.

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One Response to “November 2011: LEXUS HS 250h”

  1. Bazoo Lippi says:

    Why not just buy the Toyota Camry, it is the same thing at a lower price. Don’t let the Toyota Lexus name fool you.

    Is platic wood, and some leather really worth the extra cost, they are built on the same assembly line.

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