Why Land Rover Instructors Are So HOT

It’s not just the vehicles that are sexy, Land Rover instructors are among the most ruggedly good looking guys in the car biz

By Holly Reich

How to make a grown woman blush

I’ve had a crush on Land Rover instructors since the first time I saw them lined up in front of a caravan of sparkling new 4-wheeled vehicles, ready to take a group of us out on a wilderness trail.

Since that time, I’ve traversed many parts of the globe in Land Rovers with their instructors as my guide. They’ve helped me pitch a tent in the deserts of Mongolia, talked me through ridiculously narrow mountain passes in Argentina, taught me how to winch a Land Rover up a dune in Nevada and nursed my friend when she was down and out with altitude sickness.

Land Rover instructors are a special breed of men that teach off-road driving, lead expeditions around the world and compete in extreme driving events.

Brawn meets brains

And, they are so much more. One of my first of many experiences with Land Rover was on the 8,000-acre property of the Biltmore Estate Inn in Asheville, North Carolina’s, home of the Land Rover Experience Driving School.

I was at the heated leather steering wheel of a Range Rover dipping head-on into a rocky, hip-deep stream. As the vehicle tilted 33% degrees sideways, Greg Nikolas, my driving instructor, calmly said,

“You’re doing fine…just turn your wheel hard and you’ll lift right out of there.”

As we began a slow crawl down a steep and slick decline, Greg advised using an off-road skill that went against all of my instincts.

“The technique is counterintuitive,” he explained. “Take your foot off the brake and the gas—yes, the brakes and the gas! Put the car in first gear and let it go!”

“Yeah, sure,” I thought. That wasn’t my first time off-roading. I had shimmied up boulders in Moab, Utah, traveled black ice trails in Vermont and climbed over tree trunks in West Virginia. But this hill made me nervous.

“You don’t want to be scared,” he coached. “If you’re scared you won’t process information correctly. Just trust and get into the Zen of the experience.”

Zen Buddhism emphasizes moment-by-moment awareness and enlightenment. I put my awareness into the moment and put my trust in my instructor and the Range Rover’s capabilities. And, indeed—the wheels gripped, the gears kicked in and—instead of doing an imagined slow slide to hell—I eased down that decline at a slow and steady pace.


On a recent launch of the 2016 Range Rover and Range Rover Sport Td6 (diesel engine models) in Sedona, Arizona, we were again put to the test rock crawling through red canyons, deserts, and rutted roads. Every year the Range Rover gets easier to drive –the new edition has technology that allows you to take your feet off the pedal on rough terrain. But that still doesn’t stop you from needing to know your boundaries. Our instructor, Jim West, gave me enough encouragement to make me feel awesome.

Do ya think the Land Rover instructor comes with the cold weather package?

How can you not like an instructor who compliments you on your driving ability? Ladies, who doesn’t gravitate towards a man who is patient, calm, rugged, competent, and hot? These dudes are rock stars. Just ask any woman who has been in their orbit.

So, let me go on and list the ways that Land Rover instructors deserve a #landroverguysrule and a sexy calendar.


You can bet your life on them. These men are trained to keep you safe. Landslides, hurricanes, a tire blowout… no worry. Many of the LR crew are EMTs or firefighters when they’re not driving trails.


They can build or fix anything. Part of their job is designing and building off-road trails, so they often lift and move large boulders, create roads through wilderness, move trees and construct bridges. And yes, they construct and design their homes, fix cars, raise tents, and understand wiring, plumbing and more. These cowboys can also cook over a fire or a stove, fix sinks, and hang pictures.


They are well groomed. Land Rover guys sport double layers (with a pressed cotton top shirt), flannel, khaki and work boots. Even if they have long hair, it’s well cut. Plus, their nails are always clipped and clean.


They respect women and will talk about emotional stuff (like relationships, recipes or other girl stuff).


. Land Rover guys are outdoorsman that knows all the rules of the wild. They respect the environment and will teach you how to drive with consideration, pack out what you bring in and all that jazz.


Land Rover instructors are globe-savvy. They have been all over the world and tell adventure stories that will make your eyes roll.


And aside from all that teaching, they are happy guys with a gleam in their eye.


And lastly, these are men that are self-assured, smart, good-looking and confident. Arrogant, impatient and cynical aren’t part of their vocabulary.

If you want to visit some of the most breathtaking places on the planet in a Land Rover and learn the rules of the road from an entirely crush-worthy guide landroverusa.com/drivingschools.

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2 Responses to “Why Land Rover Instructors Are So HOT”

  1. dan says:

    Those land rover instructors are awesome! ..unless of course you are talking about that Andrew Nay guy who plowed into a family car paralysing two occupants while making an illegal turn during a road rage episode while he was chasing down a lady who apparently cut him off a couple miles back on the highway… (caught on their dashcam no less) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3612531/Jaguar-Land-Rover-boss-smashed-4×4-oncoming-car-left-two-young-sisters-paralysed-jailed-four-half-years.html

  2. M.B. says:

    I had a wonderful “encounter” with my Land Rover instructor in the back seat of a Range Rover. I’ve been buying Land Rovers ever since.

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