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Need some clever Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the car lover in your life? Check out a few of our favorites. Creative gifts that are sure to rev up the romance.

Magic Bike

Should your dreamboat suddenly desire to jump ship for a bike ride through the park, you can make sure he is prepared with this folding bike, which fits easily in most cars. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis carries one in her Lexus 450h. You might just see her peddling through the streets of LA. Though there are less pricey models, the IF Mode by Pacific Cyles stands out as one of the most striking and easy to fold bikes around. It comes just one way: in contemporary white, with cool three-spoke tires. And dont worry about grease oozing into your trunk, the IF Mode’s chain is encased, and the bike includes a storage bag. The IF Mode bike weighs a little over 32 lbs, making it light enough to take on a subway or schlepp into the office. ($2,700; pacificcycles.com)

Livin’ Like A Rock Star!

Go all out for a luxury weekend at the Loews Coronado Hotel in San Diego, which includes the use of a gorgeous BMW M6 Convertible. The BMW M6 has a silly-quick 500-horsepower, V-10 engine that will get your motor runnin’ as you and your sweetie tool around the Southland. Loews Coronado Hotel is situated on a scenic peninsula in the heart of of San Diego Bay. Here, you’ll delight in the chic nightlife, the beachside day trips and a great variety of cultural events. ($1,400/weekend; sandiegoprestige.com)

I Heart BMW

The design is so subtle that only BMW owners may recognize the branding, but fans of Bimmer will appreciate the sentiment. The scarf’s colors – blue, grey and white – are borrowed from BMW’s logo. Made of 100% polyester, it’s great for travel, since it won’t wrinkle and is easy to clean. ($35; shopbmwusa.com)

Keep it Clean

It’s a cleanie’s dream. If you’re lucky enough to live in Charlotte, NC, you can get a weekly detailing for as low as a $365 annual membership at 365 Auto Detail. This price includes five washes per month, making it just $6 per wash! And this is the real deal. You won’t even have to pay for the water. 365 Auto Detail shows up with 200 gallns of pressured water to do a fully detailed cleaning inside and out. Add an annual waxing for $40 and you are set for the year. Price goes up with the size of the vehicle. ($365; 365autodetail.com)

Wine on Wheels

Though we’d never condone drinking and driving, giving your Special car enthusiast a Classic Car Wine is perfectly appropriate. The card can read: “To a true classic.” Classic Car Wines in Sonoma Valley California offers eight designs with painted artwork with fun kitchy names like Roadster Red, Panel Wagon Pinot and Woody White. There’s also a Rider’s Red for vintage motorcycle enthusiasts. The reproduced paintings were created by Will Combs who sells his classic car art throughout the world. Bruce R. Cohn, who manages The Doobie Brothers, runs the winery . This is a can’t-go-wrong gift for the person who loves cars and wine. ($15-$22; brcohn.com)

Fuel Your Inner VroomGirl!

Indulge the racer in you and join Porsche for a two-day women-only driving course! Imagine taking to the track in top sports cars like the iconic Porsche 911 Carrera, the super sporty two-seat Cayman, and even the Porsche Cayenne, the brand’s exciting SUV. You’ll improve your driving skills under the tutelage of Porsche’s top instructors.

You’ll stay and spa at the Ross Bridge Resort in Birmingham, AL, just minutes away from the Porsche Sport Driving School in Leeds. The next available all-woman class is September 5 – 6, 2012 and sign ups are on a first-come-first-served basis. Cost includes breakfast and lunch both days, plus Porsche will host a fine dining experience on the first night. Don’t forget to mention that VroomGirls sent you! ($3,200; porschedriving.com)

A Loving Cup

For your significantly caffeine-addicted other. A traveling mug that reminds them how good life is with you. The Life is Good folks make this little darling to fit into any car cupholder. The “Do what you like, like what you do” saying reminds your sweetheart to enjoy the day. A gift card from Starbucks or Peet’s sweetens the deal. ($19.99; birkenstock.com)

Call Me!

Is your loved one risking life and limb to talk on his cell phone while driving? No Bluetooth in the car? He hates the earpiece thing? Valentine’s Day gift idea: Bluetooth Portable Car Speaker. The Motorola In-Car Speakersphone – T325 has a thin speaker box that fits on the car’s visor. It sports powerful dual speakers, and keeps a ‘favorites’ contact list. Now, all you have to do is make sure you’re on it. Amazon has it for $39.99; plus shipping. A small price to pay for such big peace-of-mind. ($39.99 motorola.com)

Take My Breath Away

Believe it or not, an in-car breathalyzer can be one of the most thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts you can give. And keeping an AlcoMate Prestige in your honey’s car will remind him how much you care. Simply blow into the tube and your blood alcohol content shows quickly on the LED readout. The device will tell you if you’re legal to drive or if you need to call a cab. This helpful little machine even comes in red, making it one of our favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas. ($104; amazon.com)

You’re A Lifesaver

Keep your loved ones safe and sound with this AAA-certified Emergency Roadside Kit. This kit’s got it all: jumper cables, a flashlight, rain poncho and a 45 piece first aid kit. There’s also a Car Care Guide to help your honey avoid getting stuck somewhere in the first place. If he ever has to use it, he’ll love you for saving him. ($39.99; vat19.com)

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