Go Paperless: Toyota Goes Green And Helps Kids

By Kimberly Phipps

There are lots of great ways to go a little greener, from using those funny-looking lightbulbs to driving a hybrid car. Toyota/Lexus Financial Services has launched an initiative that will allow its customers to help the environment, pay their bills easier, and even help out kids. Go paperless! That is some serious good karma multitasking.

Toyota is kicking off its second annual “GoGreen” campaign, encouraging customers to sign up for paperless billing statements. This allows customers to receive monthly emails when their bill is due, rather than traditional paper statements sent through the mail. In addition to being more convenient to the customers, this can save literally tons of paper, plus the energy required to ship all of it.

And just in case that’s not a big enough incentive, customers will be helping out kids, too. Between Jan. 15 and March 31, 2013, for every customer that signs up to “GoGreen,” TFS/LFS will donate $5 to the Boys and Girls Club of America. BGCA is an organization that provides recreation, education, and companionship for kids. They offer a myriad of fun and character-building activities for youth, from fitness programs to classes in creating clay-mation animation.

So before licking another stamp, sign up for Toyota’s GoGreen program. Go paperless and your taste buds will thank you, a tree will thank you, and your neighborhood kids will thank you, too.

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