Get Your Vroom On, Bimmer Style

By Kimberly Phipps

Every woman has her preferred method of relaxation. For some, it’s spa time, for others, it’s meditation, or dinner at a hot new restaurant. But there are ladies among us whose stress level goes down when she ticks high numbers on her car’s speedometer. Sadly, releasing an inner speed freak in an urban area can result in unflattering photos of the perpetrator posted on the DMV’s most wanted list.

But there is a wonderful place where you can floor it to your heart’s content, and not have to check the rear view mirror for pesky flashing red and blue lights. One of America’s most famous road courses, Lime Rock Park, is setting the stage for the BMW M Experience Driving Program. Lime Rock Park is a natural-terrain road racing venue located in the hamlet of Lakeville, Connecticut. It’s sort of like a day spa, but instead a class called “Yoga for Inner Peace”, your classes have names like like “Skid pad, corner entry, brake/downshift” and my personal favorite, “Instructor hot lap rides”. (I’m told that lap rides are not related to lap dances in any way, and that “Hot instructor lap rides” will not be offered. Oh well. They might want to add that as an extra charge!)

Now if you really want to go in Vroomgirl style–and who doesn’t?–you might think about treating yourself to a little souvenir. For some trips, a snow globe will suffice, but for this one, try a little something that won’t collect quite as much dust: BMW is releasing a limited edition of the popular M3 dubbed the Lime Rock Park Edition Coupe. And look at that super hot fire orange color! BMW hasn’t officially noted as the color’s inspiration, but hey–just take a look at our citrus-hued logo, and our VG Style piece from earlier this year. Coincidence? We think not.

If you’ve got some time October 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th, and $2500 in your piggy bank, it might just be time to check out the all new M5, M3, and other BMW M Cars on the challenging 1.5-mile circuit. To register for this exclusive event or for more information please call 888-345-4269. VroomGirls, start your engines!

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