Ferrari Land

Ferrari Land: Now That’s Our Kind of Theme Park!

Amusement parks can lose their thrill for us as we mature and develop more sophisticated tastes. You’ve been to Disneyland, Adventureland, Singing Bearland, whatever. To fulfill your grown-up pretty pony dreams, a trip to the new Ferrari Land might be just what you need.

By Kimberly Phipps

Ferrari HotelAs if a vacation in Barcelona doesn’t sound good enough already, Ferrari fans have another great reason to visit Spain. Officially opening in 2016, the PortAventura resort, just outside of Barcelona, will be opening a theme park for Prancing Horse fans of all ages. The park will feature Europe’s highest and fastest vertical accelerator, Ferrari roller coasters, and lots of other speed car rides–a totally Ferrari theme park.

In addition, the world’s first Ferrari hotel is also to be built inside the part, which will be a luxury five-star resort with 250 rooms, restaurants, and a driving simulator right in the hotel. When you’re in Ferrari Land, you’re never far from a driving experience, and one would expect. Our imaginations could really run wild here imaging what the spa treatments will be like…maybe a pit crew that come in and does a manicure, pedicure, and facial simultaneously, like they do at the race track?

Never a brand for understated design, the look of the hotel in Ferrari Land will be 100% Ferrari—with super bright red and shiny panels adorning the entire building. Guests can shoot down the chrome watersides into a giant swimming pool customized with the iconic Ferrari Prancing Horse.

Ferrari Theme ParkFerrari Land isn’t the first of its kind—that honor goes to the Ferrari World on Yaz Island in Abu Dhabi. But for most of the western world, a trip to Spain is a little more accessible and a lot more desirable. Some of the rides in original park that are likely to have similar counterparts in the European location. A few interesting ones are the Tyre Twist, Ferrari’s version of the traditional teacup ride, the Junior GT, which gives kids a training session before jumping in their own kiddie-sized F430 GT Spider, and the Formula Rossa, a hydraulically launched roller coaster that is the fastest in the world at 149 mph.

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  1. Janis Hirsch says:

    The best news is that my son will be 23 by then and he can pay for his own trip!!! And I hope mine too…

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