Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Toyota’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Debuts

Hydrogen has never looked this hot. This high-tech, emissions-free fuel cell car is ready for her close-up. Continue Reading

2015 Toyota Sienna revealed

2015 Toyota Sienna Revealed

Today's reveal of the 2015 Toyota Sienna is very 2015 - all online, all on YouTube and using the very latest in Hollywood-style special effects. Continue Reading

EcoRun 2014

2014 Eco-Run: Economy Meets Style

In this year's Canada Eco-Run, auto journos drove across Canada competing to achieve the optimal mix of fuel economy and respectable travel times. Continue Reading

Buying Your First Car

Buying your first car is one of life's great experiences -- but which one to get? Continue Reading

Amy Purdy

Toyota Helps Wounded Soldiers Get a Lift from Sports

Wounded soldiers deserve more than just a “thank you”. A partnership between Toyota and DWTS’s Amy Purdy urges them to soar on the slopes. Continue Reading

Toyota diamond

Silicon Carbide is a VroomGirl’s Best Friend

Toyota invents a new “diamond-like” semiconductor to boost mileage in hybrid engines Continue Reading

Jackie Birdsall

Fuel Cell Technology Is Her Obsession

Hockey-loving, beach-volleyball-playing, hydrogen fuel cell innovator Jackie Birdsall defies the stereotype of the auto engineer. Continue Reading