Midlife Crises Cure: New Wheels

Don’t fret age spots and frown lines. Instead of going under the knife, take that money and buy a new car. It’s less invasive and loads more fun!

By Holly Reich

Shiny New Wheels, Shiny New Outlook

In the book, “The Five Minute Facelift: A Daily Program for a Beautiful, Wrinkle-Free Face,” there are 21 exercises designed to strengthen the muscles around your throat, mouth, eyes, eyebrows and forehead. That’s one way to plump up your look.

Then again, one can always indulge in a pair of shoes like Carrie Bradshaw did on “Sex and the City.” Manolo’s worked miracles for her. But, when you’re talking facelift, it’s often something along the lines of tucks, lifts, injections, silicon, laser, dermabrasion or…whatever.

But honestly, as long as you’re going all out, why not buy a new car? Nothing can pump up your looks like a brand new shiny piece of metal or aluminum that fits the proportions of your personality.

We picked six new luxury vehicles that run the gamut from sedan to SUV. Driving these head turners made us feel younger, happier, more energetic and beautiful. We realize that not everybody can spin for the latest model but a girl can dream, right?

2013 LX570 5 DR SUV

First of all, this SUV has room for seven. In other words, it will go to Costco, tow your speedboat and heft your brood of kids…in fine style. Step up to the illuminated running board that leads into a leather and wood trimmed cabin with that calm Lexus interior that speaks good taste. For the back seat there’s dual-screen rear seat entertainment. For the driver—expect plenty of oomph behind the hefty V8 engine with 383-hp. and 403 lb.-ft. of torque. We’re talking big, brawny and beautiful.
Priced from $80,930

2013 Volvo S60 T6 AWD

Think Scandinavian—feminine, feisty and well designed. Volvo’s new generation sedan has AWD so that it holds up in any weather. Plus, it kicks it up mountains with a turbocharged engine that sips 18 mpg in the city and 25 on the highway. Yes, you are a competent Mom and value the safety that Volvo stand for. However, even the guys at Motor Trend say that that the Volvo S60 “looks damn sexy.” Of course we care about that. To note, this Volvo looks good coming and going. The back end sprouts dual polished exhaust pipes.
Priced from $41,345.

2012 Jaguar XJ Supersport

OMG, this sedan moves like silk and feels like money. A quiet cabin, lit with pools of phosphorescent blue light, has stitched leather seats, touches of carbon fiber and a vast glass roof. With the JaguarDriveSelector (a knob that rises up when you start the engine) one chooses the drive function by rotating the control with fingertips. (BTW, the inspiration for the rotating button was the grip on a Leica camera lens.) The 510 hp supercharged V8 kicks 0-60 in 4.7 seconds and tops out at 174 miles per hour. Our test model added in a luscious purple felt lined glove box and center console.
Priced from $111,200.

2013 Infiniti G37 Convertible

What a surprise! This is the vehicle that racecar enthusiasts buy for the fun of it. Talk about turning heads! This convertible is all about slim lines—even the three-piece retractable hard top is seamless. A Bose adaptive audio system automatically adjusts when the top is down so you can sing along to your favorites. The cabin is embellished with silk aluminum or maple trim. We liked the Pacific Sky Light Blue with a wheat leather and maple interior. Anchored by a V6 325 horsepower engine, this convertible kept us way ahead of the pack.
Priced from $47,200

2012 Range Rover Evoque

BAM! This is the smallest, lightest, most fuel efficient Range Rover ever produced and it comes in a coupe or five-door. All we can say is, whether you plan to ford wide streams or just tool around the city, the turbo-charged Evoque is adorable, quick on its feet and made us feel like a kid again. We loved the panoramic glass roof! The Evoque can be ordered up in standout colors including Colima Lime Metallic, Havana Metallic (brown) and Mauritius Metallic (Blue).
Priced from $43,995

2013 Cadillac XTS

This new sedan looks like it just came off the drawing board of the future. Cadillac’s newest incarnation breathes seduction with satin chrome exterior appointments, 20-inch aluminum wheels, illuminated door handles and sharp lines. The cabin has a choice of interior colors that range from caramel to light platinum with wood trim and leather seats. Sound comes from a 14-speaker Bose surround system and a heads-up display appears in color on the windshield. When you order an XTS, you get an iPad to learn about how to use CUE. That’s Cadillac’s touch-screen entertainment/navigation system that has all kinds of whizz technology.
Priced from $44,075

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  1. Kathy Ledford says:

    You are so right Holly, take your money and invest in something that people will look at and say Wow! that will get you places. I had my Mustang in my 20’s, the Momie van in the 30’s, the 40’s and 50’s was a sedan, in my 60’s I can’t afford a Jaguar X, so I just settled for a red Kia Sportage, I manage to get looks in that, so I know it’s got to be cause it’s red!

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