Everybody Loves A Road Trip!

Phil Rosenthal’s son Ben gives an 18-year-old’s take on the BMW 640i convertible. Oh yeah, and a bit about alone time with his dad.

By Ben Rosenthal

A Boy Can Dream, Can’t He?

About fifteen minutes before we departed my friend came over to say goodbye, and called to let me know he was there. “I’m right outside behind a sick BMW.”
“Yeah?” I asked, “I think that’s the car we’re taking.”
When I came outside to meet him I saw that he was right. It was indeed a sick BMW. This brand new red convertible 6 Series seems like the ideal vehicle for an excursion such as ours, a trip up the coast of California from Los Angeles to San Francisco. It’s one of the few vehicles out there that could equally satisfy both my dad and myself. With amenities like its comfortable seats, Bluetooth audio, easy to use sat-nav, and high quality sound system (just to name a few) the 6 Series has all the luxury to keep my dad happy. And with other features such as 400 hp and a convertible roof, I was pretty happy too.

Hey Dad, Shut Up And Drive!

Going into this trip I knew that my dad’s focus was on the different restaurants we’d be eating at, and before we got on the road, I felt the same way. I knew that there was pretty amazing food along the coast. But for me, the car quickly changed that feeling. Even with my dad behind the wheel, I loved riding in this car.

The coast of California was a beautiful sight, and being inside a 6 Series convertible with the roof down just enhanced it. By day two I was still looking forward to the destination, but what I really couldn’t wait for was the drive. It was exhilarating to just wake up and know that we were going to drive for 200 miles in the 6 Series that day, and I think my dad felt the same way.

There was something really great about the way the car drove that made it so enjoyable for the both of us. It felt like we were going fast, but no matter how high the speed, there was always a sense of control. The acceleration was very quick, but instead of feeling jerky it felt clean and seamless, even when my dad was flooring it.

On top of all of this, the car just looked really cool. Wherever we stopped, people were inclined to stare or even peer inside the windows to catch a glance of the interior.

And Now, If I Could Just Replace Dad with Katie Perry…

This car really made the trip special. It got us to our destination quickly, comfortably, and in style, but my favorite part of the 6 Series is how it blends refinement and fun so well. This makes it hard to distinguish the right age for an owner of this car. It would fit well for just about anyone.

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2 Responses to “Everybody Loves A Road Trip!”

  1. Janis Hirsch says:

    I laughed, I cried, I got hungry. My highest rating!

  2. Denise Upton says:

    My husband and son did camping road trips each summer before college. It was a great male bonding experience and relaxing to be with Mother Nature. Great memories!

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