Everybody Loves A Road Trip!

We Bond Amid The Porchetta

The next morning, we awake to the news of the horrific murders in Colorado, at the midnight Batman screening.

We are stunned. Stunned, but sadly, not surprised anymore. I listen to the President’s eloquent speech. He tells us to hug our kids a little tighter. I would have anyway. I wish he mentioned some kind of gun control in that speech. Ben has been looking forward to seeing Batman. Two weeks ago I bought advance tickets for Saturday’s 4pm show in San Francisco. We’re the lucky, in every way possible. Our trip continues. The next morning, after breakfast, Ben and I depart for San Francisco.

The car is now our old friend, an old friend with incredible pick-up and is cooler than anything I’ve ever been allowed to sit in. We pull into the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero (remember Mel Brooks’ High Anxiety? That’s the hotel). We’re staying there because it is across the street from San Francisco’s food gound zero: The Ferry Building. We drop our bags and belly up to the bar at Hog Island Oysters for a couple dozen sparkling beauties.

Dinner at Cotogna is fantastic– terrific homemade pastas and a porchetta special. Breakfast the next morning is the famous farmer’s market at The Ferry Building– Ben wants to start with another porchetta. So we do, because the doctor is mad at me now anyway, then a bacon egg and cheese sandwich, then a couple of donuts washed down with Blue Bottle New Orleans style iced coffee. Don’t worry too much, I don’t always eat like this and, I exercise every day, and for the first time in our lives, Ben has joined me.

Then, Batman in IMAX. Ben loved it. I couldn’t make out half of what the guy with the radiator over his mouth was saying. And I have story and logic questions. But it is a thrill machine and delivers the cool stuff, like the Batcycle that takes corners by the wheels becoming gyroscopes or something. I’m all into cool rides now, like Ben.

That night, our most fun dinner yet, at State Bird Provisions, a new, hip place with a small sharing menu, supplemented by trays and dim sum style carts that pass through the dining room, offering undeniable mouthfuls of pork and beef and other cholesterol.

We walk and talk. Ben and I talked more in the four days than in the last four months. He’s old enough to be a little more like my brother now, a guy I love to be with, eat too much with, laugh like a moron with.

Get Though To Them Any Way You Can

Sunday, we’re flying home.
Not cool like the car. Coach.
But, not before breakfast at the great Boulette’s Larder! (why don’t we just sleep at the Ferry Building?). They make, get ready, the best poached eggs in the world. Today, with brandade. Life is good. I hope the kids (we have a daughter too) don’t waste time with the drinking and the drugs and the other things parents have to worry about. I hope they want to take more trips with us, eat more meals with us, talk to us at all. I can tell you, nice reader, that it pays to sweeten the pot any way you can, because face it, you’re old. Who really wants to be with just you?
I’m grateful to the BMW 640i convertible. It was more than a car. For these four days, it was a vehicle.

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2 Responses to “Everybody Loves A Road Trip!”

  1. Janis Hirsch says:

    I laughed, I cried, I got hungry. My highest rating!

  2. Denise Upton says:

    My husband and son did camping road trips each summer before college. It was a great male bonding experience and relaxing to be with Mother Nature. Great memories!

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