Green With Envy

Pantone 17-5641, aka Emerald. It’s a lively, radiant, and lush. It’s the color of promise–think of the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz. Diamonds may be forever, but emerald is hot for right now.

By Kimberly Phipps

Green is the chameleon of the color wheel. Does any other color come in so many moods and shades as green? A look at the plant kingdom shows off a crazy variety of the ways it can manifest itself. Although not the most common of car colors, it does get the award for the most diverse. On one end, there’s the chartreuse, acid greens, and full-on neon greens, which are making a surprising comeback this year on fun-loving cars like the Ford Fiesta and the Mitsubishi Mirage. On the other end of the spectrum are the deep, dark, forest greens and racing greens–think of the classy Jaguar XK.

But this year’s shade is most definitely Emerald. Sophisticated and luxurious, it’s a power color, and a money color. No surprise that it was last popular in the 80‘s, when shoulder pads and Dynasty reigned supreme. You can see it everywhere–check out our examples below. Still can get enough? Take a look at Pinterest–it has been practically commandeered by emerald. And while you’re there, make sure you’re following our Vroomgirls Pinterest boards.

Last year’s color of the year was a happy tangerine, of which we vroomgirls are big fans–note our logo. Car companies sat up and took notice, apparently. At last years’s LA Auto Show, there were new orange cars popping up everywhere, like crazy orange gerbera daisies amongst a sea of gray and silver cars. So we’re hoping car makers this year will be surprising us with new rides in this gorgeous green hue.

Since we don’t know of any cars in production at this time in emerald, we had to resort to the digital arts. We found a few random custom numbers here and there. But just to get an idea, we also took the liberty of giving a digital makeover to some existing cars to see what they would look like in a lush emerald. Let us know what you think!

There’s a reason we saved this color for the end of the year–in addition to being trendy, emerald happens to be the perfect holiday color. So since there aren’t any emerald cars available at the moment to add to your list for Santa, we’ve found a bevy of pretty green things that you might like to add to your kitchen, wardrobe, and jewelry box.

How about some groovy vintage 70’s mod chairs by Bruno Rey with emerald seats? At One King’s Lane

Someone liked Emerald enough to enrobe this classic Porsche with it.
green porsche

Still not convinced emerald is a power color? Beyoncé wore these commanding earrings while singing the national anthem at President Obama’s inauguration. The Lorraine Swartz earrings were real emeralds with a total weight of 80 carats, worth 1.8 million dollars. And when Hillary Clinton had to face down her inquisitors at the Benghazi hearings, she went for the green power jacket.

The all-new 2014 Toyota Corolla comes in some gorgeous new colors. But what would it look like in emerald green? What do you think?
2014_Toyota_Corolla green

For just a touch of emerald, this tiny iPod Nano in metallic green is a nice workout incentive. With a redesigned body for better video viewing and new colors, even the 16GB iPod Nano is on trend.

Tired of neutrals and subtle colors in your house that are too shy to make a statement? Customize your own eye-catching conversation piece lamp in green at Lamps Plus.
green lamp

You may not be ready for head-to-toe emerald, although the color is surprisingly flattering on most skin tones. But some sassy new shoes for the holidays? Oh yeah. The Starla Heel by Coach

A sign of green things to come? We hope so. This gorgeous convertible Camero ZLI, a concept car, was showing off at the Las Vegas auto show earlier this year, in a color the company called “unripened green”.
green camaro

The Ladies of Downton Abbey are no strangers to dramatic emerald frocks.

If you want to spring for the real deal, these sparkling emerald earrings are designed by Elsa Peretti for Tiffany.

You might have a hard time passing off these big, blingy green earrings as real emeralds. But you might be able to pass them off as sparkly green candy, which is just as fun. Dangling Candy earrings, Max and Chloe.

The Scion has no problem pushing the boundaries and daring to look a little different. So we gave this little Scion xD a little jewel-toned makeover.

This year’s Emmy Awards featured many of our favorite TV actresses sporting emerald to stand out on the red carpet. Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland, Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik, and Veep’s Anna Chlumsky all looked amazing.

Want to accessorize your kitchen with the ultimate green machine just in time to start making Christmas goodies? This super-size Kitchen Aid artisan mixer in Canopy Green will make you queen of the cookie swap.

Ford, we think your Focus would look fantastic in Emerald. Just take this artist rendering to your paint shop. No need to thank us.

Julia Child always told us when in doubt to use more butter. What a wise woman she was. Now you can use butter on your fingernails, too, in this pretty green shade called “Slapper” We don’t know either, but it’s pretty!
green butter

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  1. Kathy Ledford says:

    Great Kimberly, send an email to the auto companies and tell them they need to take a look at VroomGirls. I don’t like green unless it is emerald. I would buy a car that color green.
    Thanks for the look.

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