Color me a rainbow? I’ll take white.

Turns out, that when it comes to car colors, no color is what we love most. White and silver rank highest.

By Holly Reich

While bright colors, gold studded accessories, leopard prints and glitter rule fashion this season, popular colors for cars are all about playing it down. Then again, if cars could be as whimsical as fashion, we’d be buying them every few months. That said, the word this year in vehicle colors is that white/white pearl and silver top the popularity poll.

For 59 years, DuPont, the automotive coating leader, has tracked color trends around the world in its Global Automotive Color Popularity Report. This year, the annual survey, from 11 leading automotive regions, showed that white/white pearl and silver are your most frequent color choices.

As for the other colors? Black/black effect (that glittery, metallic, shimmer look) rated 20 percent; gray rated 13 percent; red rated seven percent; blue rated six percent; brown/beige rated five percent; green rated two percent; yellow/gold rated one percent and all the other colors came in at two percent.

So, we wondered, why white?

“Our customers [like] the clean look it brings to vehicle design,” explained Nancy Lockhart, DuPont Color Marketing Manager. “Silver and black were once the top colors of luxury, but white has increased. The overall trend for casual luxury has spread to numerous vehicle types. Classic white and pearlescent white effects are inspiring luxury design.”

This is how it played out around the world. In North America, white and white pearl leads, while in Europe, the luxury segment continues to be dominated by black. Silver tops in China and South Korea, and Japan favors white and white pearl.

“In the Asia Pacific region, we are seeing color trends shift to nature and the environment with the colors blue and green. We’ve seen a decrease in black,” said Kumiko Ohmura, DuPont Color Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific.

In South Korea, South America and Brazil, silver ruled, while in India white topped the charts. And in South Africa, white and white pearl were the colors of choice. And in Russia? They love black.

What can we expect next?

In addition to its 59th Global Automotive Color Popularity Report, DuPont creates an annual color trend show to share ideas with automotive designers. This year’s show, Sense of Color, depicted the emotions of color. The four selected groups are as follows:

“Déjà vu:” The colors in this group are intense and meaningful recalling colors from the past. Historic rich greens and reds, like “Green Velvet” and “Flashback” symbolize thoughtfulness, heritage, comfort and stability.

“Sound of Silence:” The eco-friendly hybrids and energy-efficient technologies are inspiration for these calming colors. Influenced by nature and technology, colors include sophisticated metallic, soft hues “Crescendo” and “Silent Auction” and earthy tones such as “Minor Gamut” and “Speechless.”

“Touch of Blue:” Home accessories and interior design inspire some of the bright and rich blues in this group. Pale blue and grayish undertones are informed by fashion while light metallic and chromatic tints contrast with shades like “Tactile Teal” and “Tickled Blue.”

“Matter of Taste:” This group of international flavors features names like “Sweet Caramel” and “Berry Fusion.” The collection centers on strong shades of yellow, green, pink and purple. Caramel, tangerine and other appetizing colors are ideal for new vehicle launches, brand colors, concept vehicles, limited editions and the aftermarket.

So, what’s next? We’re still waiting for that Versace-inspired leopard and teal interior with gold dust paint.

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