No Parking Signs

Municipal Revenue Opportunity

Sure, our cities need more money, at least to fill those potholes that jolt our jaws and send our wheels out of alignment. But stoop to this? Please, you’d need a Ph.D in Traffic Theory to figure out what these signs are saying. We... Continue Reading

ADD Plumbing

We prefer a plumber who can focus

Call us on this if our thinking is scattered. Continue Reading

My Bank Account can beat up your Honor Student

A way to answer the perennial "Why don't you have kids?" question at family gatherings. Also a good reminder to get those pills refilled. Continue Reading

Dog Pees on Car

Car Review? Ouch!

It's just one dog's opinion, but it seems to have a scathing take on the 2012 Mercedes-Benz E-Class convertible. Continue Reading

moving truck

They’re Bondaged & Insured

Sometimes, moving trucks say the darndest things. This one proudly shouts a company name that was probably worth a second thought. Continue Reading