When it Doesn’t Pay to be a VIP

Sometimes you’d rather not be a VIP. Like at this valet station. Continue Reading


Handicapped Ineligible

What are the odds the driver of this jacked-up truck is deserving of the handicapped spot he's occupying? Continue Reading

Post-it Note Car

TP’d, Post-it Style

Is this the latest in high school pranks? Forget about toilet-papering someone’s house. Raid the local Office Depot instead and buy enough Post-it Notes to “PiN” the unsuspecting mark’s ride. Sure, it’s low-end vandalism, but we still give it an A for creativity. We’d... Continue Reading

No Parking Signs

Municipal Revenue Opportunity

Sure, our cities need more money, at least to fill those potholes that jolt our jaws and send our wheels out of alignment. But stoop to this? Please, you’d need a Ph.D in Traffic Theory to figure out what these signs are saying. We... Continue Reading

Yellow Cabs Gas Line

Crabby Cabbies?

We knew New York City has lots of taxicabs. We should have realized that meant the yellow cabs would guzzle lots of gasoline. But this? Seems the gas stations of Manhattan serve only one class of customer: certain-to-be-crabby cabbies! Photo by Graydon Feinstein Continue Reading

A VroomGirl’s Car if We Ever Saw One

We found a kindred spirit when we saw this car and its custom flower-power motif. Continue Reading

ADD Plumbing

We prefer a plumber who can focus

Call us on this if our thinking is scattered. Continue Reading

My Bank Account can beat up your Honor Student

A way to answer the perennial "Why don't you have kids?" question at family gatherings. Also a good reminder to get those pills refilled. Continue Reading