August 2012: Ford Focus Electric

Get ready ladies. There’s about to be an onslaught of choices for plug-in electric cars. The federal government is requiring car makers to produce “greener” cars, and that mean manufacturers are turning to all-electric vehicles, in addition to their gasoline and hybrid models. This... Continue Reading

July 2012: Nissan Altima

Nerd No More Sorry but we’ve always thought the Nissan Altima was a great example of a fantastic car that, because of its very pedestrian looks, never was crowned prom queen. Forget all that, VroomGirls crowns the 2013 Nissan Altima this year’s prom King... Continue Reading

June 2012: Lexus ES 350 & 300h

This sixth-generation Lexus ES gets an updated look, better technology and now also comes in a fantastic 40 mpg/city hybrid version. Continue Reading

Toyota Prius C

May 2012: Toyota Prius C

Fun, fuel-efficient and fabulous! The 2012 Toyota Prius C fits every budget and every need. Continue Reading

2013 Mazda CX5

April 2013: Mazda CX-5

It's the VroomGirls Car Of The Month for April! Inexpensive, fuel efficient and spacious. Need we say more? Continue Reading

March 2012: Hyundai Azera

Know why there are so many cars from which to choose? Because there are as many types of drivers as there are flavors at a Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop. Some of us thrive on sporty rides, others seek out safety as a premium feature,... Continue Reading

February 2012: PORSCHE 911 CARRERA

The most iconic sports car is reimagined for 2012. And we want one! Continue Reading

January 2012: HONDA CR-V

Honda's completely redone CR-V offers a comfy ride for families, with room for the dog, gear for a long getaway and that inevitable run to the warehouse store. Continue Reading