LA Auto Show: Blues are the HOTTEST Color

With these cool cars, it’s fun to have the blues

By Kimberly Phipps

Cleopatra’s Favorite

Many centuries ago, the word “blue” didn’t exist. There was no word to describe the color of the oceans or sky. Bluea are rarely found in fruit or flowers, so there was no need to find a word for it. The Egyptians adored the vibrant lapis rock that blue became “blue.” And only after centuries of innovation were humans able to invent methods to reproduce this rare and unique color.

Just as it does with fashion, color plays a huge role in the auto world. Although the basics are always around, car colors definitely have their turns at being en vogue. Remember five years ago, when cars seems to come in 50 shades of gray? While silver, black, and white are always in demand, it looks like automakers at the LA Auto Show have heard the pleas of those of us who are longing for gorgeous, vibrant COLOR.

New cars for 2018 are enrobed in some fantastic new hues of blues, from deepest sparkling midnight to the palest powdery aqua. Check out twelve of them out here.

2018 Honda Accord

Vortex Blue

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