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Glow To-Go: Fun Holiday Lights Drive-Thrus From Around The U.S

Get Lit: We love the festive lights and cool, brisk air that fills the month of December! Get in your car and discover what's illuminated in your neighborhood. Continue Reading

baby in car seat

Better Education for the Child Safety Seat

Toyota spreads the word that Installing a safety seat correctly can save a child's life in the event of a serious crash. Continue Reading

How a ‘Big Bang’ Star’s Car Universe Began

You know her as Bernadette on TV's "The Big Bang Theory". She tells us how her family's cars play a starring role in her childhood memories. Continue Reading

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News Before It’s Made: The 2016 Auto Show

Forget whistle while you work. Iron, do the laundry, even clean the cat litter...while you drive. By Janis Hirsch Continue Reading

Janis Hirsch illustration

Don’t Do Me Any Favors

My car is my sanctuary. Don't make me clean it. By Janis Hirsch Continue Reading

Keeping The Clutch Alive One Kid At A Time

Classic car insurer Hagerty sponsors a teen driving program that's unlike any other. Forget defensive driving maneuvers, this school teaches kids how to drive a stick shift -- and does it in absolute style -- in classic cars. Continue Reading

Spotted: The New Bentley “Flying” Spur

On its way to a rooftop party at the London Hotel in West Hollywood, Ca., the Flying Spur is caught doing what it does best...flying. Continue Reading

Nine Most Overlooked Cars

There are some cars that seem to never make the best-seller lists, no matter how good they are. We wonder why? Continue Reading