Which Luxury SUV is Best?


I’m looking for a high-end SUV. I have the Mercedes 450GL and absolutely hate it. I’m looking for comfort and dependability. What would you suggest?
~ Lisa
Chatsworth, Ca.


I think I know why you’re disappointed with the Mercedes 450 GL. It has an odd sense of balance and feels sloshy and untight in corners. The editors of VroomGirls are big fans of the BMW SUVs. They tend to feel tight, well tailored, very well built and luxe. The X5 is now a classic, and provides great creature comfort, along with a superior ride quality. Plus, it looks cool. The Audi Q5 is drop-dead gorgeous and is filled with posh features and the latest technology, like wi-fi and Google Maps for the Navigation system. Check those out and please get back to us on what you’ve purchased.

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