What’s up with the reviews?


I was thinking of test driving the Honda CRZ and couldn’t find a review on your site. Have you reviewed that model yet? Just wondering…

– Lisa
Dallas, Tx


Thank you for writing. Sorry, it’s my fault. I have been so busy launching the site, that I am late in getting up many of the reviews. Please be patient, as we’ll have a comprehensive slate soon enough.

In the meantime, I’ll tell you this: the CRZ is somewhat sluggish, with lackluster acceleration. It’s not a matter of whether or not you want to go fast, it’s just that it takes a very long time to get going from a standstill. Otherwise, I love the look of it: sporty, fun, youthful.

But try the CRZ for yourself; go to the dealership and give it a test drive. It’s not at all a bad car, but I think there are competitors that do a better job with performance for the same money. Give the Hyundai Veloster a try (though that car, too, has a sluggish engine for now – a new and improved one will debut later this year.) And though you might not love its looks, the MazdaSpeed3 is an amazing car – zippy, fun, great mileage, with excellent build quality.

Please let VroomGirls know what you end up with…and sorry to be late on the reviews. Please come back to our site as we grow!

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