What Car Should I Buy?!


Wow, you answered it! Great and I should have asked you about the Volvo C30 while i was at it 🙂

I currently have a Mazda 6 from 2003. It’s very zippy for a 4-cylinder, but I’m getting sick of it! I’m considering the Mazda3 hatchback or Volvo C30 or Honda CRZ, even the Prius. I like the hatchback styling obviously…but do I need to test drive all of them or at least a couple?

Thanks for posting my question, and I love your site!

– Lisa
Dallas, Tx.


Hey Lisa!

Thank you for loving our site! We are working very hard to make it entertaining, informative and trustworthy for women who are looking to buy their next car. We love it when we hear from our readers, so please, keep us posted whenever you have a question or comment. We’re listening!

As for your question about test drives. The more, the better. You will only know what car is best for you after you compare them back-to-back. My recommendation is to drive them one after the other, on the same day while the feeling is fresh. If you spread your test drives over several days or weeks, it’s difficult to compare how you liked one over the other.

And with regard to the Volvo C30, that’s a fantastic choice. Love the look, love how roomy it is on the inside, while tiny on the outside (all the easier to park in tight spaces!) But you mention the Prius, too. Another great car, with unparalleled fuel economy. Frankly, you’ve got a terrific shopping list…now Vroom on over to the dealerships and give them all a spin. Please let us know which vehicle you choose!

– Tara

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