Tonka Tough


I have a 99 Acura CL that I have loved but I’m ready for a new car. I commute about 350 miles/week highway but live in the Rockies and would like AWD or 4WD this time. Just bought my husband a RAV4 Limited and I was thinking of an FJ Cruiser (love the new radiant red on the trail teams). Not sure how comfortable this would be for commuting but would never get stuck on our hill again in the winter. Love the retro styling but is this the right car for a gal over 50?

~ Jeanne
Divide, Co.


Dear Jeanne –
You have great taste in vehicles. Yes, I LOVE that Toyota FJ Cruiser. It’s completely capable, and a very serious vehicle, especially in the snow, but still looks like a whole lot of fun. You’re worried about comfort but I’ve always found the FJ Cruiser to be a smooth ride and great for long trips. My only gripe is its horrific blind spot issue. I loathe how I can’t see very well out the back side windows.

My suggestion is you take it on an extended test drive. Go over some rough roads and see how you like the suspension. My guess is you’ll love it. But you should also pull into a grocery store parking lot and back out of a few spaces. See if the blink spot issue bothers you. Maybe you’ll have better luck with it than I do.

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