To Minivan Or Not To Minivan? That Is The Question!


With two fun and crazy boys who can get themselves in and out of their carseats, I’d love to ditch my 2007 Nissan Quest SEL with DVD, roof racks, and running boards (and, let’s face it – horribly uncomfortable drivers seat) for a… I just don’t know…
Better minivan?
Better driving experience?

I really don’t need to haul more than 4 or five people, me included, BUT my fear is that after downsizing from a minivan I’ll regret giving up that space and extra seats. Or will I?

How to go from minivan to a SAFE SUV that’s a better drive without regretting it?

~ Keva
Palo Alto, Ca.


Hi Keva –

I hear your concern; you don’t want to face regret giving up the practicality and ease of a minivan. But let me ask you this: how much space do you really need? And maybe you’re ready for a little fun on the road.

Consider downsizing to a Toyota RAV4, which will come out in an all-electric version this fall. Both the gasoline and electric models very comfortably seat five, have fantastic cargo space, three 12V chargers (I’m sure your kids panic if their electronics aren’t fully charged!), and all the modern telematics to connect you to the internet, navigation, traffic, local gas prices, etc.

We also love the Volkswagen Tiguan, which is priced right and still offers contemporary styling and German high-performance fun where others may fall short.

The Mazda CX-5 is another contender. We love it for its spirited ride, fun acceleration, and tight handling. It comfortably seats five and has decent cargo space. The only downside is its lackluster styling and bland interior appointment.

And if you’re still on the minivan fence, consider the Honda Odyssey, which VG believes is the most comfortable, chic (if that’s possible for a minivan) and upmarket of the segment.

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