The Hot Seat


The lever to elevate the driving seat never keeps the seat permanently raised. My dealership says that Honda knows that the lever is hit by the leg of the driver, thus lowering the seat. What is being done to correct this lever misplacement or lever too sensitive to human touch? I bought the car at Johnson Honda of Stuart, Fl. on April 6.
~ Judith
Stuart, Fl.


Thanks, Judith. Here’s the response from a member of the Honda public relations team:

“I’m not sure what model is being referenced, but I’d guess it’s one with a power seat. We do have manually adjustable driver’s seats with a lever that “pumps” up or down to raise or lower the seat height, but that doesn’t seem likely to be drastically affected by a leg brushing it. I think any of the power seat adjustments, not just the seat height, which are are on the lower left side of the seat bottom could potentially be affected by legs brushing the controls, depending on how the driver gets in and out of a car. I haven’t heard of this issue affecting anyone before, but it is conceivable.

“Perhaps this driver has a semi-unique method of sliding in and out of the car when you consider their ergonomic particulars, etc. If there is a problem with the switch beyond it being sensitive to being touched, I would advise the customer to take the vehicle to a Honda dealer for diagnosis, but it sounds like the switch is just being affected by his leg touching it during ingress and egress, something that a dealer would be unable to affect.”

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