So Many SUV Choices!


Hi Tara-
I just discovered your site and love that it’s geared toward women! I’m going crazy trying to decide between the Honda CRV, the new Mazda 5, the Kia Sorrento and the most expensive of them all — the Nissan Murano. I don’t see any reviews of the Murano, is there a reason for that? Just curious. I’d love your thoughts from a woman and mom perspective. Also,my daughter is going to start driving in about a year. Which do you think, based on your experience is the safest for a new driver. My main concern about the Murano is the sight lines, but it seems like a lot of the car/CUV/SUV sight lines, based on what I’ve read, aren’t as good based on the newer designs. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great. Thanks! Pam
~ Pam
Fairfax, Va.


Thanks Pam.
Excellent question. You are right that some crossovers and SUVs have better sight lines and fewer blind spots than others. It is probably the worst thing about this class of vehicle, that visibility is so compromised because of safety requirements and aesthetic considerations. But of the ones you list, I am a fan of the Honda CR-V, for exactly this reason – it has fewer blind spots.

The Nissan Murano is great, and we are getting around to reviewing it…so sorry it’s not up on our site yet. My only gripe with the Murano is that is tends to have a bad turning radius. It sometimes is a bother, but you should take it for a test drive on a residential street and see if doing a reasonable U-turn is possible. It may be that it won’t bother you. Otherwise, I like the Murano’s acceleration and handling capabilities.

The Kia Sorrento is a fun and inexpensive option. It also doesn’t have particularly bad visibility issues. And I like the way the vehicle handles; the ride quality makes it feel like a smaller SUV than it is. That’s hard for manufacturers to accomplish and it’s done well here.

I would add to this list the updated Toyota RAV-4, which is fun, fuel efficient and roomy. Ultimately, you have identified all good vehicles, and I believe you’d be happy with any one of these in terms of visibility and safety. It will come down how you feel inside each one, whether you like the decor, style and comfort.

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