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Hey Tara! I want to buy the wrangler unlimited and they come in 4 different trims. I don’t really understand the major differences in the 3 types of sport and the sahara. Could you help me out?
~ Rana


Hi Rana –
Wranglers are sold in 3 basic models – Sport, Sahara or Rubicon. Because all three have the same powertrain, the differences boil down to content and price. The Sport in the entry level price point that is the value option. Customers can select the options they want. The Sahara is loaded up with content, it has a more premium look (comes with better wheels and tires, upgraded stereo, etc) . The Rubicon is our Off Road model, it comes with hard core off road options (mud tires, locking axles, sway disconnect, 4:1 transfer case).
We also usually have one or two “special edition” models available. Right now we have the Freedom Edition and the Moab Edition. These really are limited run, small volume, unique editions – something Jeep customers seem to love.

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