The Tale of the Prius and Frosty Mornings


How can I get maximum heat in the Prius V? Our outside temps have dropped and the car interior is not very warm
~ Barb


Hi Barb –
The expert we contacted at Toyota had this to say: “My guess is that the owner who wrote in isn’t getting immediate heat from the Prius V when they first start out.

Like all vehicles, this would be due to the fact that the heat comes from the engine and until it is warm, not much will be transferred to the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system.

I drive a Prius, and typically I find it to be 2-3 minutes when I leave for work in the morning before the heat gets going. Turning it up to MAX is really the only way to get heat as quickly as possible.”

Hope that helps. Just like any car, taking a couple of minutes to warm a cold engine will not only get the heat going but it also will create less stress on the engine and make it more efficient.

– Tara

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