Pinstripes Yay or Nay?


Two questions please:

1. I paid $27,178 for a new Honda Accord Coupe EXL automatic 4cyl-Silver with black interior. Did I get a okay deal, a good deal, or a great deal? Also included mud flaps, cargo net, and decal pinstripe.

2. Dealer will put a decal pinstripes on the sides,(included in price). Is this still in style? My Chrysler 200` had painted pinstripes. Is using a decal instead of a painted pinstripe kind of tacky? Please give me your opinion and also your reader’s opinion.

I pick the car up this Friday.

St. Louis, Missouri


Hi Linda –

As for the price, you got good deal, not necessarily a great deal. Base price is $28,860 including the destination charge. With all your added features, the total retail price is $29,025, though no one would actually pay this.

As for the pinstripes, I would say fuggedabout it! In terms of style, I would say the days of pinstripes are behind us.

Thanks for writing!


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