Love my Prius!


Two questions:
1. I’m a guy, is it okay to ask a question? If so, see question 2:
2. My lease on my ’07 Prius is almost up. I really like the car but I don’t think I’ll buy it, I’m thinking of getting a newer model. What do you think of the newer Priuses? Priusi? I guess I’m specifically interested in the plug-in version. Do I have to upgrade the electricity in my home to set up the car charging plug, port, thing?

– Lew
Pacific Palisades, CA


1) Ha! Sure, just this once.
2) The new Prius feels a bit less open and airy in the front seat, thanks to a new full-length center console. On the other hand, it has a bigger back seat and trunk, and it gets better fuel economy than your 2007 Prius.

The Prius Plug-in Hybrid allows you to charge the battery at home and drive up to 15 miles at speeds up to 62 MPH on battery power alone. You do not need to upgrade your electrical service; the Prius charges in about 3 hours from a 110 volt outlet and 1.5 hours from a 220 volt outlet.

The plug-in Prius is a good choice if you make lots of short trips, but for longer journeys the plug-in car is slightly less fuel efficient due to the weight of the batteries. It’s also more expensive than an ordinary Prius, with prices starting well above $32,000.

If you’re interested in gasoline-free driving without range limits, you might also want to check out the Chevrolet Volt, which runs on battery power for around 40 miles, then uses a gasoline-powered generator to supply electricity until it can be recharged. The Volt requires a dedicated charger, and will cost around $35,000 once you factor in charger installation and tax rebates.

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