Is a Used Subaru Right for Me?


I’m planning on buying a used Subaru and I really like the Forester (older models like 04-05). Is this a good sized car for a younger, single person? Or is it too much?

– Kristen


Yes, Kristen, a Forester is a great choice. They are very sure-footed cars and the older models have a lot more cargo space than the Imprezas, but aren’t as big and unwieldy as the Outbacks. The back seat is a bit tight, something to think about if you travel with friends.

However, finding a used Forester may be a bit tricky, as owners tend to keep them forever. In my experience, there are two kinds of Subarus offered for sale: New ones and used ones with 160,000 miles. If you find a 5-year-old example with less than 100,000 miles, don’t dawdle, but be sure to get it thoroughly inspected by an independent mechanic, preferably one you or a family member knows and trusts. You want to make sure the owner isn’t dumping it because of some chronic problem or impending repair. This might cost you $50 or $100, but it’ll be worth it if it helps you avoid a problem car. That said, don’t be afraid of high mileage; I’ve met Subaru owners with well over a quarter-million miles on their cars.

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